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Special Issue on Education, 

Fashion, and Technology 


Generous Gifts Support Technology/Athletics 


received through the extraordinary bequests of two alumnae. 

The first, approaching $1 million, was from 
the estate of Doris Bissett Bryant '21, closely 
followed by one which exceeded $1 million, from 
the estate of Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor '25. Both 
women were members of Lasell's Heritage 


j^Kt-^^MM^T ' 1 


■ ' ■ 

Dedicated to 

Taytot "25 

Rising up behind Taylor Field with Gardner House in the 
background, Lasell's Athletic Center nears completion. The 
bequest from Dorothy Taylor will be used in part to support 
Lasell's athletic program. 

Society, having named the College as a 
beneficiary of a percentage of their estates. "These 
two gifts mark an extraordinary step forward for 
an institution about to embark on a multimillion- 
dollar campaign," said Helena Hartnett, dean for 
External Affairs. 

In addition to greatly strengthening the 
endowment, these gifts will allow the College to 
fund two major capital projects: the completion of 
phase two of the critical technological expansion 
and the equipping of the new athletic center. Such 
uses seem an appropriate way to memorialize 
these dedicated women. Mrs. Bryant was a 

trailblazer in her day as the first woman 

bank officer in Massachusetts, and Mrs. 
Taylor had a deep passion for athletics, 
attested to by the naming of the athletic 
field in her honor in 1992. 

The Heritage Society was established in 
1991 to honor Lasell friends and family 
who establish life-income gifts or include 
the College in their Wills. It currently 
includes nearly 80 members. **■ 

Trailblazer and Social 
Historian to Share Insights 


Dr. Jill Ker Conway 


service as the first woman president of Smith College — a 

position she held for 10 years — will speak at Lasell College's 

142nd annual commencement on May 18, 1997. 

A visiting professor at M.I.T. in its Science, Technology and Society 
program since 1985, Dr. Conway has been critically acclaimed for her 
scholarship on women's history. She is also a best-selling author and 
an established social and intellectual historian. 
Educated at the all-female Abbotsleigh School and the University of Sydney, where she took an 
honors degree in history, Dr. Conway emigrated to the United States in 1960 and completed her Ph.D. at 
Harvard University in 1969. As a historian, she has specialized in the history of American women. From 
1964 to 1975, she taught at the University of Toronto, where she eventually became vice president. She 
later served as president of Smith College. In addition to her acclaimed autobiographical books, Road to 
Coorain and True North, Jill Ker Conway has written or edited several other books, including Merchants 
and Merinos (1960); The Female Experience in 18th- and 19th-century America (1982); Women Reformers and 
American Culture (1987); Written by Herself: Autobiographies of American Women: An Anthology (1992, 
editor); The Politics of Women's Education (1993, edited with Susan C. Bourque). **- 

Generosity Gives 
New Life to Student 
Residence Hall 


"New Dorm," built in 1967, to gain a 
benefactor and a name. On October 5, 
1996, a handsomely refurbished Van 
Winkle Hall was dedicated to celebrate 
the generous gifts of Adelaide Shaffer 
Van Winkle '36/Hon. B.S. '96. 

Proud residents, with Adelaide Van Winkle, sport new 
Van Winkle Hall sweatshirts. 

In honor of her 60th reunion, Mrs. Van 
Winkle funded renovations to the exterior of 
the residence hall which is situated in a stand 
of woods next to McClelland. The gift 
augmented a six-figure bequest intention and 
a charitable gift annuity she established to 
strengthen the endowment of her alma mater. 

The dedication of Van Winkle Hall took 
place on Family and Friends Weekend, and 
was presided over by President Thomas E. J. 
de Witt. He spoke of Mrs. Van Winkle's 
personal accomplishments as a pioneering 
businesswoman and her longtime association 
with Lasell, where she currently serves as a 
member of the Board of Overseers. 

Among family members participating in 
the dedication was her granddaughter, Heidi 
Watkins, who received her bachelor's degree 


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Harnessing Information Technology to Lasell 2001 

By Thomas E. J. de Witt, Ph.D. 

institutional revival — whether in the Leaves, which outlined our ambitious plans for 2001, or in the 
Annua] Report, which focused on the physical beautification of the campus. The challenge we now face 
is to develop strategies to sustain the academic innovation and curricular reform begun in the mid- 
eighties in order to reach our goal: to become New England's recognized leader in providing a 
professionally-oriented education rooted in the liberal arts. 

One means to that end is to emphasize the 
currency and quality of a Lasell education by 
harnessing the potential benefits of the explosion 
in information technology. 

Lasell, like most smaller liberal and 
professional arts colleges, is wrestling with the 
implications of a rapidly changing technology. We 
know that high-wage jobs require the use of 
networked computers and that by the year 2000 a 
majority of all new jobs will require the computer 
skills possessed by only 22% of Americans 
entering the labor market today. Though we have 
neither the resources nor the research agendas of 
major universities, we do recognize the need to 
continually redefine how we prepare students for 
the next century. 

The curriculum has already expanded the 
focus of learning from one based on pure 
knowledge of subject matter to one that 
incorporates its practical application by 
developing new classroom techniques and 
assessment strategies. 

Recognizing that we need to graduate 
technologically literate students, Lasell is 
investing heavily in bringing computers and their 
applications to faculty and students — into both 
the classroom and the residences. In the past two 
years, we have spent well over $1 million to lay 
the groundwork, figuratively and literally, for 
another decade of educational innovation: 
connecting 10 core classroom, office, and 
residence buildings using fiber optic cable for 
voice and data transmission; installing a digital 
telephone system as a platform for enhanced 
internal communication; and upgrading computer 
labs for general instruction and fashion/ design. 

To steal a march on our competition and to 
reap the full benefits of this exploding 
information technology, we identified additional 
investment in modern computing facilities as a 
priority in our upcoming capital campaign. Early 
gifts and bequests, including that of Doris Bissett 
Bryant '21, will enable us to complete phase two 
of a three-phase modernization plan this coming 
spring and summer at a cost of about $500,000: 
wiring five more residences (Van Winkle, 
McClelland, Gardner, Carpenter, and Vista); 
creating mini-computer labs in each of the 
residences in order to cope with the increasing 
student demand on our existing teaching labs; 
building a state-of-the-art computer business 
laboratory in the Heath Family Management 
Center in Wolfe Hall; and equipping faculty with 
the more powerful Pentium computers. 

While few students currently enter Lasell with 
a laptop in hand, we expect that they will all 
either have or demand access to that technology 
by 2001. We have to be ready to accommodate 
them — and to offer a curriculum that effectively 
harnesses the learning potential computers offer. 

For all our progress, the challenges remain 
daunting as well as exciting. We must find the 
resources to complete phase three, which will 
connect the remaining residences, the Yamawaki 
Art and Cultural Center, and future Lasell Village 
residences to our network. We must also plan for 
a regular cycle of technology upgrades. But most 
important, we must find opportunities for the 
faculty to acquire advanced computer literacy 
skills, which are critical to enhancing Lasell's 
reputation for innovation. 

Over the next five years, you should anticipate 
significant changes in how we teach and learn 
together. Let me share with you a part of my 
vision for Lasell in 2001: 

**- Students will be able to interact with 
professors via e-mail from their residence 
halls or homes, sending drafts of written 

assignments and receiving suggestions for 


Faculty will easily amend course syllabi and 

transmit assignments with the touch of a 


Students, faculty, alumnae, prospective 

students — all will communicate through 

Lasell's World Wide Web site on the Internet; 

Alumnae will plan class events via the 

Internet (as this year's 25th anniversary class 

intends to do); 

Students will assemble part of their work as 

an electronic portfolio on CD-ROM; 

Resident students will work collaboratively on 

projects with commuters via computer hookups. 

I hope that you will participate in this new age 
of discovery with all of us here at Lasell. E-mail 
me at if you would like to 
share ideas. 

Thomas E. J. de Witt, Ph.D. 







than a decade after she graduated. This highly successful businesswoman and 
cofounder of FLIGHT TIME International, an aircraft charter service company, has 

experienced a Lasell College education close up, and she 
recognizes its value. "I would have thrived here. The small 
classes, the dedicated faculty, the investment in women, 
and the commitment to entrepreneurship," says the 
University of Massachusetts graduate, "all add up to 
making Lasell the energetic, efficient institution that it is. 

"When I became board chair," she explains, "I wanted to 
experience Lasell from the inside. Over several days I went to 
classes, visited the archives, helped decorate the College Christmas 
tree, ate in the dorms, and talked to faculty and students. It was 
obvious they took great pride in their institution." 

That kind of focus and attention to detail are the very essence of 
Patty Zinkowski's entrepreneurial style. For the past 11 years, 
Zinkowski has been instrumental in growing FLIGHT TIME 
International from its start-up to a company with more than $19 
million in annual sales. An award recipient from organizations like 

Recently elected board chairman, 
Patty Zinkowski has already 
established herself as an active and 
engaged member of the Lasell 

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' V. 


Computer Networking and the 
Internet Promote Changes in Study 
and Workstyles 

mission to integrate technology into the total Lasell experience. "Computers are 
altering the way faculty teach and students learn — not only on this campus, but 
around the world," she says. "Faculty and staff are now electronically linked to 
each other, via electronic mail, and to the world outside, via the Internet. 
Students too can participate in Lasell's technology revolution by 
mected\ logging on from computers in Woodland and a growing number of 
^campus sites, including the Computer Center, the Brennan Library 
(see related story below), and a brand new business laboratory to be opened during the spring semester. 


Instead of standing at the front of the classroom lecturing, faculty can 
use computers as the route to exciting, interactive, multimedia ways of 
learning that are both engaging and challenging. 

"From a technological point of view, Lasell 
today is very different from what it was even a 
year ago, but we still have miles to go," Kay 
continues. "The technology explosion has 
required rapid shifts in equipment 
and software and the need to 
provide staff to support it and do 
training. Catching up to the 
existing technology is one thing. 
The real challenge is keeping up." 

Throughout the College, a 
massive, computer upgrade from 
DOS-based machines to Windows 
and a move toward user-friendly 
Microsoft products have bolstered 

trie community's enthusiasm to 

utilize the College's technology 
capabilities. Today, computers are 
used in virtually every academic discipline. 
Psychology students are using interactive CD- 
ROM tutorials while accounting students are 
using electronic spreadsheets and fashion design 
students are using Computer Aided Design 
(CAD) software to facilitate and reinforce their 
creative output. And the technology revolution at 
Lasell has only just begun, says Kay. 

"Computer networking at Lasell has opened a 
vast, new horizon in communication. Internet 
connectivity and e-mail are causing a resurgence 
in reading and writing among those who have 
access. It can create a world community that is 
open to diversity," says Kay. "Where do you want 
to go today" — the tag line of a major software 
company — has never been more apt. Even the 
once ponderous work of research has become an 
adventure through the use of computers. Students 
seeking information on the theories and practice 
of virtually any subject can mount lightning-fast 
searches through online or CD-ROM databases. 
The prodigious list of the resources found can be 
explored in depth at the convenience of the 

"Technology is fostering the creation of whole 
new communities for activities like education and 
business," says Linda Bruenjes, a full-time 
member of the Computer Center faculty. 
"Students on campus can 'talk' to students across 
the world by way of the Internet. They can 
collaborate electronically on projects, and 
participate in distance learning where they can 
learn at an individual pace. 

"Faculty are finding computers a welcome tool 

"...In the workplace and 

in personal life today, 

there is no place where 

computers do not play an 

important role/' 
—Dr. Cathy Livingston, 

dean for Academic Affairs 

for expediting administrative tasks, like record 
keeping and class registration," she continues. 
"By enhancing productivity, computers enable 
faculty to focus more of their time on teaching, 

facilitating learning, and challenging 
students to learn and explore their 

"Faculty can use computers as the 
route to exciting, interactive, 
multirnedia ways of facilitating 
learning that are both engaging and 
challenging," Kay explains. "An art 
class at Lasell can now take a virtual 
field trip to the Louvre Museum in 
Paris and experience the wonders of 
Old Masters like Rembrandt, 
Rubens, Titian, and Leonardo da 
Vinci." Kay smiles. "In this way, the 
museum is open any time of day, 365-days-a-year, 
so students can visit at their convenience without 
even packing a toothbrush. 

"Technology is an exciting new frontier, and 
Lasell has had the foresight to prepare for it and 
take advantage of it." 

All students at Lasell are required to take 
computer literacy courses that introduce them to 
the basics of database creation and management, 
word processing, and information gathering via 
the Internet. 

"Training our students, faculty, and staff in 
emerging technologies and making technology 
available to them is not a luxury, it is a necessity. 
In the workplace and in personal life today, there 
is no place where computers do not play an 
important role," says Cathy Livingston, dean for 
Academic Affairs. In fact, according to a recent 
article in the Washington Informer ("The 
Information Highway to Success," by Reed H. 
Hunt, 8/14/96), "already, most high-wage jobs 
require the use of networked computers." And, 
"on average, jobs that require computer use pay 
15 percent more than those that do not." **- 


By Ally son Gray, director of Brennan Library 

local, regional, and national public and academic libraries, are available to students 
doing diligent research at Brennan Library. 

As part of the extensive Minuteman Library Network(MLN), a system of 33 public and academic 
libraries that next year will include the public libraries in Cambridge, Newton, Brookline, and 
Lexington, Lasell currently provides students access to more than 3 million items, as well as to online 
databases and the Internet. 

Students can search and find materials from other libraries on the network, request them, and 
have them delivered to Brennan through a state-supported service. This access significantly bolsters 
the resources available at Brennan. (Lasell's total annual circulation is 10,000, of which 10 percent are 
loans from the other MLN libraries.) Books, articles, and other materials can also be reserved online. 

Databases provide similar access and support for learning. Students seeking specific information 
can sift through a selection of periodical databases, including one with the full text of articles for 
most of the citations listed. Once the information is found, students can print out the entire article, as 
though they were photocopying it from the magazine. Brennan's computer system offers two other 
databases under the Periodical Indexes, one for general periodicals, and the other for health related 

The Internet can be used from the MLN computers in a text-based, rather than graphic format. 
Lasell also provides access to the World Wide Web through its campus network. Providing students 
with a window to the world has always been a goal of education. Today, with the wonders of 
computers and technology, ready access to the community and the world is just a keystroke away. ** 





Getting Known by the Company It Keeps 



when they enroll in the Lasell Institute of Fashion Technology (LIFT)," says the 
program's evangelistic director, Richard Bath. After nine years at the helm of the 
fashion program, Bath has not lost enthusiasm for Lasell and the program. 
Industry leaders have come to reflect his positive attitude. 

I enthusiastically endorse the Lasell Fashion program," says William 
Roddy, general manager of Neiman Marcus in Boston. "Students are 
well prepared for the realities and challenges of a career in the 
industry," he maintains. The program celebrates its 60th anniversary this 
year (see calendar, page 12). 

"I'm proud that we prepare students for the 
business of fashion," says Professor Bath. The 
theory and creativity explored in the classroom 
are balanced by the reality of the marketplace, 
where Lasell is recognized as the New England 
leader in fashion merchandising and design. 

"Creating extravagant cellophane ensembles 
for the runway is intriguing, but people today buy 
ready-to-wear," he explains. "LIFT's focus is on 
designing, manufacturing, and marketing products 
that sell and pay the bills." Students who come to 
Lasell learn fashion design. But they also have to 
satisfy course requirements in business and liberal 
arts. All students are required to take courses in 
ethics, business management, and computers. 

"Judging by our placement success with 
interns — who fill positions nationally and 
internationally with more than 90 corporate 
partners, including Neiman Marcus, TJX, Macy's, 
The Gap, Filene's Basement, and Lord & Taylor, 
in cities that include Chicago, San Francisco, 
Miami, Atlanta, D.C., and New York — our 
approach to fashion education is giving the older, 
more established institutions a serious run for 
their money," Bath maintains. 

The competitive edge comes from Lasell's rich 
integration of "connected learning" opportunities, 
through campus resources, including the Fashion 
Design Lab, where students work with 
sophisticated CAD /CAM pattern designers, 
cutters, and computer textile design systems. 

A two-year-old designer-in-residence 
program has brought leading Boston designers 
such as David Josef, Jay Calderin, Tunji Dada, and 
Nong into classrooms to provide a close look at 
the fashion industry from all perspectives. 

Lasell students plan and design window 
displays, get involved with the Fashion 
Association of Boston (FAB), a trade association 
for which Richard Bath serves as board chair, as 
well as a host of collaborative, community- 
service-oriented enterprises. 

This year, the fashion students made news all 
over Boston: working with Maturity Matters, the 
new clothing company designed for seniors and 
the handicapped; co-sponsoring Boston's Fashion 
Week — a multi-site, multi-designer showcase of 
regional fashion — with Banana Republic and 
Maverick Media Group; and participating in some 
25 fashion shows, including the elegant 
"Nocturne," in the lobby of the Boston Public 
Library. >*- 

Students assist the designer-in-residence, actually cutting and sewing 
pieces of a collection, and working on every aspect of production, 
including all the facets of the fashion shows intended to unveil the new 
works and attract media attention. 



Director of Nursing John Aflague, M.S., R.N., 
C.S., P.C., has earned inclusion in Who's Who in 
Medicine and Health Care 1997-1998 for his 
significant contribution to the field of health care. 


Richard Bath, director of the Lasell Institute 
of Fashion Technology (LIFT), will be lecturing 
on "The Forgotten Retail Market," at the Valued 
Aging Conference and Expo, May 16 and 17, 
1997, at the Bayside Exposition Center, Boston. 
The Expo is being sponsored by Eldercorps, a 
nonprofit membership organization in 
Cambridge that supports productive and valued 

Dorothy A. Bell, Ph.D., R.N., was cited 
along with the College in a current text called 
Careers for Chemists: A World Outside the Lab, by 
the American Chemical Society (Owens, Uhler, 
and Marasco, 1997). Dr. Bell earned a Ph.D. in 
chemistry from Brandeis University and a B.S.N, 
from Simmons College. She is currently 
pursuing a M.S.N, in Nursing Administration 
from Regis College. 


Allyson Gray, director of Brennan Library, 
is chairing the MetroWest Interim Planning 
Committee of 20 librarians from all types of 
libraries interested in cooperative purchasing 
and better interlibrary loan service. New 
legislation has created a regional library system 
that includes public, academic, school, and 
special libraries throughout Massachusetts. 


Dr. Paula Panchuck, director of the Early 
Childhood and Elementary Education program, 
was asked to submit an article for publication in 
the March 1997 issue of Early Childhood Today, 
"Living for the Moment: An Early Childhood 
Educator Works with Children with LOV/AIDS 
and Learns a Lesson About Life." 



Assistant Professor of Mathematics Malini 
Pillai recently delivered "Innovative Teaching 
Methods," a presentation on classroom 
strategies that help women students confront 
their math anxieties and excel. The presentation 
was part of a workshop and conference, "Great 
Ideas for Teaching Students" (G.I.F.T.S.), an 
offering of the Faculty Development Programs 
of the Houghton Mifflin Company. "It is well 
documented that math anxiety constitutes a 
major barrier to women students' successful 
completion of course work and inhibits their 
ability to pursue careers that involve math," says 
Professor Pillai. "My goal is to teach math 
effectively to encourage women to continue their 
math education beyond the basic courses." 


Associate Professor of English Mimi 
Reddicliff e, director of Liberal Arts, Open 
Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies, presented 
a paper, "Writing Across the Curriculum: Part of 
the Culture," at the Writing Across the 
Curriculum/National Conference in Charleston, 
South Carolina, in February. 


Professor George Redmond, director of the 
Business programs at Lasell, was the focus of a 
segment on ABC's Nightly News with Peter 
Jennings about credit card abuse among college 
students. Redmond was interviewed by an ABC- 
TV crew following a Boston Globe front-page 
story that featured a student who benefited from 
Redmond's campus crusade to educate students 
on how to be credit-sawy and credit-card- 
prudent. Worried by a trend he noticed among 
students to "charge their way toward financial 
ruin," he began making an informal, living room 
presentation at the dorms on "discretionary 
debt" to help students "make dollars and sense" 
out of their finances and provide guidance 
around issues of personal finance. 




Special needs focus offers opportunities 
for young learners 


as the true reward of a career standing at the front of the class. "It's very exciting to 
embrace new responses to special needs children and the way they learn," says 
:nected\ P au ^ a Panchuck, Ph.D., director of Lasell's Early Childhood and Elementary 
earmnj/ Education programs. 

Multiple Intelligence brings to the classroom new 
sensibilities about how individual children learn. Lasell 
recently received a grant from the Dewing Foundation to 
study the application of the MI theory in its two 
nationally accredited Child Study Centers. 

Dr. Panchuck is talking about the new 
emphasis in teaching that focuses on special needs 
learning and Lasell's exploration of the theory of 
Multiple Intelligence (MI). MI is a compelling new 
approach to early childhood curricula introduced 

Entrepreneur and Photo Artist 


CEO of Victor Bias Binding, a company that 
provides services to the apparel, footwear, 
drapery and interior design trades, was 
elected to the Lasell Board of Overseers in 
December 1996. 

Mr. Sudalter is an entrepreneur who heads 
several other firms related to the apparel trade, 
including State Pleating Co., New England Scarf & 
Fringing Industries, and Arlene's Sportswear. He 
currently serves as an advisor to the Lasell Institute 
of Fashion Technology. He is president of the 
Apparel Industries of New England and is on the 
board of the Boston Designers Collaborative. 

A photo artist, he has exhibited in galleries in 
New York and Boston and most recently at Lasell's 
Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center. 


"Students' overall naivete about personal 
finance poses the threat of financial ruin for a 
population already overburdened by sizable 
college loans," Redmond maintains. He is 
currently writing a comprehensive student 
guide to personal finance that he expects will be 
published next year. 


A research article by Stephen Sarikas, 
Ph.D., associate professor in the Liberal 
Arts /Science program, has been accepted for 
publication in the Journal of Health Education. 
The paper, "AIDS Awareness at a Small Private 
College for Women," reports Dr. Sarikas' 
questionnaire findings during the first five of 
seven years of surveying Lasell students about 
their awareness of the virus, its impact, and its 
modes of transmission. The article was 
coauthored by Ann Heiselberg '93, who 
received her bachelor's degree from Lasell in 
Interdisciplinary Studies. 


Overseer Murton Sudalter with his life-partner, new 
faculty member Sharyn Fireman, at the opening of 
his exhibition of photographs at Lasell, "Focus on the 
World: People and Places." 

Professor Anne W. Tagge, of the English 
department, published an article, "The Butterfly 
Hunters," in the December 1996 issue of 
Conradiana, The Journal of the Joseph Conrad 
Society of North America. She also presented a 
paper at the University of Auckland, New 
Zealand Conference, "Narrative and Metaphor 
Across the Disciplines," in July 1996. 



Director of Financial Aid Daniel Barkowitz 

was recently honored for his consumer 
advocacy by the Massachusetts Student 
Financial Aid Association (MASFAA), when 
they presented him with the Presidential 
Award. Barkowitz, whose work was the subject 
of a cover story in the Boston Sunday Globe's 
Learning section, on January 29, 1997, was 
recognized for his efforts to help families 
become wise consumers in the increasingly 
complex area of student financial aid. 


by Harvard University's Howard Gardner. 

Multiple Intelligence brings to the classroom 
new sensibilities about how individual children 
learn. Lasell recently received a grant from the 
Dewing Foundation to study the application of 
the MI theory in its two nationally accredited 
Child Study Centers, the Barn and Rockwell, 
laboratory schools where teachers-m-training 
work directly with infants, toddlers, and nursery 
school children. 

The grant provides for Project Zero 
consultants from Harvard's Graduate School of 
Education to help Lasell teachers expand the 
present classroom offerings and explore new 
activities that focus on the multiple intelligences 
of young children. 

"Some children will always have certain 
limitations on their learning. But the theory of MI 
celebrates different paths. It adopts a philosophy 
that says it is a healthy thing to highlight people's 
strengths and not to focus just on a class of skills 
we have traditionally valued. We're excited to be 
exploring the MI concept in our classes." 

Lasell's bold leap into its exploration of the 
concept of MI enhances the special needs 

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Lasell College Is Site 
of Satellite Program 




satellite program at Lasell, the renowned 

Clarke School for the Deaf, a pioneering 

oral school for deaf children in 

Northampton, Massachusetts, is 

'onnectedy offering its services to the 

y greater Boston area so deaf 

children can learn to communicate 

more effectively in a hearing society. 

Lasell's baccalaureate program in early 
childhood and elementary education is 
collaborating with Clarke's personnel. They 
provide comprehensive preschool and early 
intervention services, rehabilitative services for 
children with cochlear implants, which 


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11.2 million to your heirs without 
xes through the prudent use of both of 
nified Transfer Tax Credits." 


By Katharine A. Urner '83 


about estate planning for a variety of 

reasons — few of them based on good 

information or prudence. "I don't have 

enough assets," "Everything will go to 

my spouse/' and "I'm too young to worry 

about a Will" are just a few of the excuses 

we make to ourselves. 

The following contains some tidbits for your 
rumination. Of course, this information is 
presented in general terms and should not be 
acted on without professional advice from your 

Q: I have a simple Will, which leaves my estate to my 
spouse. This is my intention, so why is it a problem? 

A: It may not be a problem — if you have an 
uncomplicated life and a modest estate. 
However, if you have an estate that exceeds 
$600,000 in assets, your simple Will may not be 
the best arrangement for your family. 

Q: What does the $600,000 cutoff indicate? 

A: That's the amount you can pass on to your 
heirs with a simple Will without paying estate 
taxes. Assuming both spouses are U.S. citizens, 
you can pass any amount between the two of 
you without estate taxes because of the estate 
tax marital deduction. However, when the 
surviving spouse dies, your children may bear 
the burden of your mistake. They will have to 
pay estate taxes (at a rate of up to 55%), starting 
with the first dollar over $600,000. 

Q: I'm pretty sure my estate is less than $600,000, so I 
have nothing to worry about, right? 

A: It depends on your definition of "pretty sure." 
Many people grossly underestimate their net 
worth, because they don't know what to include 
in their assumptions. Add up the current market 
value of your real estate, marketable securities, 
annuities, retirement plans, life insurance (full 
death benefit, not cash surrender value), revocable 
trusts, business interests, cash, and tangible 
personal property such as art, antiques, etc. You 
may be surprised at how "wealthy" you are, at 
least according to the U.S. government. 

Q: 1 guess my estate really does exceed $600,000. 
What's my best strategy? 

A: Talk to an attorney, preferably one who 
specializes in estate planning. He or she will 
probably tell you how you and your spouse can 

Q: What is a Unified Transfer Tax Credit? 

A: The Unified Transfer Tax Credit is just a 
fancy way of saying that each of us has a 
$600,000 exemption from federal estate and gift 
taxes on assets we transfer to our children, 
certain types of trusts, or others. Too often, a 
married couple will forfeit one spouse's $600,000 
exemption through the inappropriate use of a 
simple Will. Your attorney should be able to help 
you design a trust that locks in both spouses' 
credits, thereby allowing you and your spouse 
to bequeath up to $1.2 million to your heirs. 

Q: Do you have any suggestions for a smart way to 
make charitable bequests to my favorite charities? 

A: Absolutely — and it involves using the worst 
asset to have in your estate as a source of funds 
for charitable bequests. In tax language, any asset 
qualifying as Income in Respect of a Decedent 
(IRD) may be a bad asset to pass to your heirs 
because it is the most tax-burdened; not only 
might estate taxes be due on this type of asset, 
but income taxes are also owed. Types of assets 
that are considered IRD include tax-deferred 
retirement plans such as IRA accounts and 
pension plans. For this reason, IRD assets are 
often excellent assets to give to charity through 
a charitable bequest. Watch for more tax-smart 
ideas using IRD assets in the next issue of the 
Lasell Leaves. 

how gift planning can benefit you and 
Lasell, please call Katharine Urner '83, 
director of Gift Planning, at (617) 243-2166 ; 
or fill out the form below and mail to: 

The Heritage Society 
Office of External Affairs 
Lasell College 

1844 Commonwealth Avenue 
Newton, MA 02166 

. Lasell Gift Annuities 
Charitable Bequests 
Heritage Society Membership 








All responses will be held in strictest confidence. 







Janet Whitten 
Smith '39 


a classic case of absence making the heart 
grow fonder. "I thoroughly enjoyed every 
minute of Lasell," she says about her 
college years. 

What makes this 
remarkable is that 
Mrs. Smith spent 
only one year at 
Lasell and hasn't 
returned to campus 
since 1938! Yet her 
experience continues 
to have a profound 
impact on her life. So 
much so, in fact, that 
she has chosen to 

establish a gift Janet whitten Smith ' 39 

annuity at the College. 

Long and powerful memories seem to have 
spawned this generosity. "I remember the classes 
well, particularly home economics," Janet Smith 
explains. But, most of all, the friendships have 
lasted a lifetime. "I even met my husband, Ken, at 
a Lasell dance." And she is the mother of a Lasell 
alumna, Karen Smith Grover '62. 

Over the intervening years, Janet Smith kept 
in touch with many college friends and looked 
forward to hearing about others in Leaves. 

When the time came for both Ken and Janet 
Smith to make an important charitable gift, they 
immediately considered their alma maters. Ken 
Smith is a graduate of Boston University, Mrs. 
Smith explains. So his decision was obvious. 
"And even though I have many other volunteer 
cornmitments, Lasell was definitely the winner." 

Mrs. Smith chose Lasell's Gift Annuity 
program, which entitles her to an annual fixed 
income for life of almost 8% of her gift. She wisely 
funded her Lasell Gift Annuity with highly 
appreciated stock that she had owned for many 
years. Both Janet and Ken Smith knew that if they 
sold the stock themselves, they would owe huge 
capital gains taxes. However, as a charitable 
organization, the College was able to sell Mrs. 
Smith's stock for her, greatly reducing the capital 
gains tax consequences and putting the full 
market value of the stock to work for both Janet 
Smith and Lasell. 

With a Lasell Gift Annuity, she was able to 
increase her income, avoid capital gains taxes, 
and even qualify for a major charitable deduction 
on her taxes. Best of all, this very generous gift 
will strengthen her alma mater, "I just felt it was a 
darn good idea," Mrs. Smith maintains. "Good 
for us and good for Lasell." **• 



EDITOR'S NOTE: In the interest of protecting the privacy of our 
alumnae, it is the policy of the Alumnae Affairs Office not to divulge 
addresses or phone numbers of alumnae unless it has been verified that 
the request is from another alumna. 

In order to ensure the accuracy of Class Notes and Nota Bene, we 
must request that all submissions be made in writing. All entries in 
Class Notes are based on materials submitted to Lasell College's 
Alumnae Office. Due to the large number of submissions, Lasell is 
unable to verify the factual content of each entry and is not responsible 
for erroneous material. The Class Notes printed in this issue were 
received by January 15, 1997. Information received after this date will 
appear in the next issue. Please send your news to your Class Secretary 
or to the Alumnae Office at 1844 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, 
Massachusetts 02166-2716. We regret we cannot return photographs 
unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Thank you. 


very sorry to read of the passing of classmate Evelyn Douglass 

Carolyn Vicary Krider's home is in Sea Island, GA, and she 
spends summer and fall at a lifecare establishment in North 
Branford, CT. Carolyn has four great-grandchildren. 


Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth celebrated her 90th birthday 
last May and was feted at a wonderful and fun surprise party at 
her nursing center in Winchester, MA. Dorothy's full and busy 
year was highlighted by her 70th Lasell Reunion, where she led 
the parade with President de Witt and received a standing 
ovation for being the oldest alumna in attendance. Dorothy is 
thrilled at becoming a great-grandmother in 1996 — a banner 
year indeed! 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Clarine Booth Villars loves flowers and classical music and 
enjoys visits from her daughter, granddaughters and great- 
granddaughter. Clarine has very fond memories of trips in and 
around Boston during her Lasell days. 

Ruth Hutton writes that her energies these days are centered 
around avoiding a repeat of the tumble she took last February. 
She sold her car last April and now feels a bit "stuck." Ruth no 

longer travels and sends her love to all who will be able to attend 


Madalyn Patten Hoberg is living with her daughter. She 
hopes to attend Reunion this spring and wonders if any other 
classmates will join her. 

Congratulations to Katherine Tufts Wiese! She and 27 
relatives gathered in her former hometown of Chetek, WI, to 
celebrate Katherine's 90th birthday. Katherine was a kindergarten 
teacher and her interest in children of that age includes writing 
poetry. She sent us three very charming examples, accompanied 
by wonderful line drawings and here is one which we thought 
you'd enjoy sharing with grandchildren and great-grandchildren: 


The Octopus has 8 long legs 

To help him on his way; 
And on these legs are many cups 

To hold him where he wants to stay. 
His mouth is underneath him 

So he eats right in his middle 
And bites his food off with his teeth 

To eat it little by little. 
They used to think him very mean 

Because he looked so awful. 
But now they find him shy and gentle 

And really very lawful. 
Here is what he looks like 

As a baby from the sea; 
And aren't you glad we're not like that 

But just like you and me? 

Katherine hopes to attend Reunion, keeps in touch with Mary 
Fulton Garstang and sends her love to all classmates. 


Congratulations to Kathryn Forgey who celebrated her 90th 
birthday in August, 1996. Kathryn gets around with the aid of a 

Margaret Newman keeps house for herself and her two cats 
and is active in a number of organizations. She misses her good 
friend and classmate for 14 years, Phoebe Dotten Low, and was 


We were very sorry to learn from her son that Emily Crump 
Ramstetter, president of this class, suffered a severe stroke in 
May 1995 which left her unable to speak. Emily is now at 
Lakewood Manor Health Care Center, 1900 Lauderdale Drive, 
Richmond, VA 23233, and so enjoys receiving cards and letters. 

Katharine Edwards Bennett is settled happily in her new 
home in the Sandhill Cove Retirement Home in Palm City, FL, 
and makes occasional visits to her sons in Miami and on Long 

Marjorie Parrish Green writes that she has a new winter 
address in Frostproof, FL (what a wonderful name!) "among the 
orange trees and migrant workers!" 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Betty Parrish Newman enjoys many activities, including 
gardening, golf, bridge, walking the Florida beach in winter and 
working with Infant Welfare Society. 

Katherine Hartman Macy continues her involvement with 
growing the flowers for her dried flower business. 

Muriel Morse Henrich is an avid gardener and spends 
summers at her cottage in Pemaquid Point, ME. 

Camilla Roy Jewett is in good health and her travels include 
visits with her family in San Francisco and Vermont and some 
time spent in the warmth of Florida. She drives her car on short 
trips and keeps active with the many organizations in her pretty 
little town of East Hampton, NY, where she has lived for 48 years. 

Althea Ward Weatherhead keeps in touch with Elizabeth 
Page Sealey and notes that the next time she has children she 
hopes they settle closer to home! One son lives in Florida and has 
two children and Althea visited them last Thanksgiving. Her 
other son lives in Alaska. 


Congratulations to Shirley Gould Chesebro who has become 
a great-grandmother. 

Hazel Merritt Bliven lives in Manchester, NH, and 
occasionally visits with Elizabeth Hayford Stewart who lives in 

Congratulations to Louise Newell Audette and her husband 
who celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on October 29, 
1996. Louise plays old-time favorite tunes once each month at a 
nearby nursing home and sings in the church choir each week. 
She is also active in DAR, Bible study, church women's group and 
participates each month with 12 women in Thalian Club. 

Charlotte Ockert sends warm greetings to classmates. 


Mabelle Hickcox Camp 

166 Middkbury Road, Watertown, CT 06795 

Carol Morehouse Jones 

108 Brynwood Drive, Easton, PA 18045 

Celia Kinsley Percival has recently moved to a villa in a 
retirement community and plans, for now, also to keep her home 
in Dayton, OH. 


Fannie Jane Brackley Starbird had a wonderful time with 
classmates who returned for 60th Reunion and notes that all were 
saddened to learn of the death of Barbara Iris Johnson. 

Harriet Colwell Reeves has nine grandchildren and three 

Denise Gile Arnold and her husband, Mort, are fine and 
enjoy the many letters received from Denise's friends in the class 
of '35. 

Sally Swanson Dahlberg enjoyed seeing President de Witt 
and many friends at the Connecticut Valley Lasell luncheon. Sally 
was especially happy to be attending with her daughter, Susan 
Dahlberg Tobiasson '64. 

Margaret Weber Hodges is living in an assisted living facility 
in Huntsville, AL, and although it is a fine place to live she misses 
New England very much. 

Virginia White Wardwell has fond memories of her years at 
Lasell and fondly remembers her frequent telephone visits with 
the late Helen Beede '21. Virginia worked in Miss Beede's office 
while at Lasell, and later enjoyed bridge games during the 1980s 
with Helen and "Aunt Bertha." 


Phyllis Gunn Rodgers 

80 Top Hill Road, Saunderstown, RI 02874 

Natalie Hutchison Clouser was sorry to miss her 
60th Reunion. 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Louise Tardivel Higgins 

3150 NE 48th Court, #314, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064 

Dorothy Abbott Atherton would be delighted to see renewed 
interest in a New Hampshire Lasell Club. 

Frances Austin Beaumier and her husband are happy with 
their recent move from their house to a one-level condo. They go 
to Florida for four months in the winter and to their Vermont 
camp for a month in the summer. Both are active with golf and 
volunteering and Frances does lots of handiwork and crafts for 
her church. 

Barbara Burnham Rice moved to a very nice retirement 
village in 1995. She plays bridge, does needlework and enjoys her 
delightful apartment on a little lake in Sarasota. 

Anne Campbell Terrill and her husband, Jim, have relocated 
to Lake of the Woods, near Fredericksburg, VA. 

Prudence Crandall Randall is involved with social service 
work, tending the elderly and the needy as welfare secretary of 
The Salvation Army and with the Danvers Council on Aging. 

Mary DeGroff Mailler enjoys bridge and golf and is an 
alcoholic counselor. She taught in the Navy Alcohol Safety Action 
program for six years. 

Adele de l'Etoile Breitenstein has been active in her church 
and enjoys exercise, golf and cross-country skiing. 

Jane Eldridge Meaney belongs to an interesting local 
organization which involves the famous Red Mill. She has five 
grandchildren, plays golf after two knee replacements and 
usually spends a few months in Florida during winters. 

We send our sincere condolences to Helen Flint Moody on 
the loss of her husband, Frederick, who died on September 26, 

Barbara Fowler Hoyfs many activities include teaching music 
and enrichment weekly in two Head Start programs. She is a 
writer and a member of Pen Women of America and on the 
boards of Junior League and adult day care. A world traveler, 
Barbara lives in the home in Cos Cob, CT, that she and her 
husband built 48 years ago! 

Marjorie Gilbert Wiggin is looking forward to her 60th 
Reunion this spring and is hopeful that many classmates will be 
attending. "What President Thomas de Witt has done for our 
alma mater is fantastic!" notes Marjorie. 

Constance Griffin Lehoux travels to California with her 
daughter and has had sailing and boating trips with another 
daughter and her family. She helps on her oldest daughter's farm 
and with her four grandchildren. 

Barbara Potter Fyfe is involved in art projects, doing pictures 
and dried flowers under glass, and enjoys interior decoration. She 
is an active member of Women's Club. 


Class Notes 

Among her many activities, Alcine Rippere Gager is a 
lifetime trustee at her secondary school, St. Margaret's, in 
Waterbury, CT. She is a past deacon at her church and on the 
board of women's fellowship as well as president of the New 
Haven Wives of Rotarians. 

Florence Stetson Pipes sells Shaklee products from her home 
and recently enjoyed a free trip to that company's convention in 
Hollywood, CA. 

We're hoping that a Lasell Florida event will coincide with 
Virginia Webb Tompkins' visit there this winter to spend time 
with her daughter in Vero Beach. 

Augusta Williamson Hopkins continues her lifelong 
involvement with volunteering. She and her husband, George, 
have enjoyed hiking, camping, travel and, for the past five years, 
their trailer. 

Frances Woodruff Saunders regrets that she will be unable to 
attend this year's Reunion, and sends her best to all who can 
make it. 

We were sorry to learn from Virginia Wright Church that she 
had both bypass surgery and a stroke. She is living in 
Charlottesville, VA, and has had to learn to write all over again. 
We wish you continued good progress in your recovery, Virginia. 


Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

82 Woodland Road, Aubumdale, MA 02166 

Betsy Bassett Wells wrote Arlene at Christmastime that she 
and her husband are very happy with their decision to purchase a 
condominium. They attend symphony, ballet, opera and theater 
and take part in church activities and many events at Portland 
State University. 

Penny DeLaney Ogrinz works on her computer daily and is 
"hopefully, getting smart." She and her husband are in their 18th 
year of traveling by motor home and drove to New Mexico for a 
visit with their children this past Christmas. They've put over 
130,000 miles on their coach and were grateful for having made 
the trip to New Mexico and back safely. 

Marjorie Furbush Gledhill sent us word that she and fellow 
day students Frances Monks Berig, Shirley Hanson Carter and 
Ruth Fulton Griffin meet each year and renew their friendship. 

Elisabeth McCausland Jewell and her husband had an 
outstanding cruise and tour to Alaska last August and traveled as 
far as Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean! 

Ruth Meighan Gillette has seven grandchildren and works in 
real estate. 

Bernice Schanberg Peachy informed us in November 1996 
how wonderful it was to have her husband home again after his 
eight-month stay in a nursing home. 

Martha Sill Wolstenholme loves to hear from Lasell friends 
and enjoys reading the news from campus. 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester heard from Alice Seidler at holiday 
time and all was well with her. 

Dorothy Thomas Thomas enjoyed a vacation in the Pacific 
Northwest last summer, sailing around the Queen Charlotte 
Islands in a 68' sailboat. She and many others noted how 
delighted they were to see Lasell College in the top 50 of U.S. 
Neivs and World Report's list of liberal arts colleges. 

Dorothy Woodard Grindell and her husband surprised 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester with a visit last summer as they 
traveled back to Florida in their mobile home. 


Louisa Clark Harrington 

399 Lexington Street, Waltham, MA 02154 

Margaret Christiansen Marbach and her husband, John, 
enjoy visiting their children. 

Mary Margaret Corcoran Franich had a visit from her son's 
family last summer when they came east to look at colleges for 
their son. 

Janice Marr Demer is enjoying life and the golf course at 
Leisure World in Maryland. When we heard from Janice last 
November she was looking forward to a family reunion at 
Thanksgiving time in Bradford, MA. 


Priscilla Sleeper Sterling 

246 Ocean Palm Drive, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-41 13 

Elizabeth Birkland Haller would be delighted if her 
granddaughter, who is considering transferring to Lasell in the 
fall of 1997, attended. She'd also be following in the footsteps of 
her paternal grandmother, Nancy Wells Harris '43. 

Marjorie Borden Hayward spends considerable time and 
derives much pleasure from her fundraising work for the Cape 
Cod Museum of Fine Arts. She lives in Chatham, "a boater's 

Elizabeth Briard Sullivan's family includes 12 children, 29 
grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. 

Lucy Harrison Eimer is enjoying good health, family and 

Marjorie Millard Crooker very much enjoyed last summer's 
gathering of Lasell people in Hanover, NH, and was especially 

happy to see Elizabeth English Anderson and Priscilla Sleeper 

Barbara Schilf Founder continues with her work as a judge at 
dog shows and planned to be at the Westminister Kennel Club in 
New York this past February. 


Virginia DeNyse 

900 Palmer Road, #3H, Bronxville, NY 10708 

Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan and her husband, Bob, traveled 
to Russia last fall. 

Congratulations to Lucille Armand Boyle who was thrilled to 
welcome her first great-grandson last November. 

Ilene Derick Whelpley and Nancy Keach Paine had a second 
reunion at Nancy's home in Harwich Port on the Cape in August 
— a get-together they'd decided upon at Reunion '96. 

Eleanor Pfaff Daly had a happy two-week trip to Italy last 
August and visited Dublin in October. 

Virginia DeNyse received a note from class advisor, Speed 
Sawyer, who had recently recovered from a kneecap injury which 
she sustained while playing tennis. Ginny enjoyed a lovely lunch 
last August with Ellen Visscher Choquette on Long Island and 
reports that, although legally blind now, Petie's spirits are high 
and she is looking wonderful. 

Marjorie Ulrich McLaughlin was sorry to miss Reunion. She 
enjoys being close to her children and six grandchildren. Last 
November 11 family members flew to Disney World where they 
had a wonderful time. 

We were so sorry to learn that Arax Zulalian Johnian has 
been quite ill with osteoporosis and do hope she'll soon be feeling 
much better. 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Dorothy Mosher Stone 

20 Jeep Place, P.O. Box 483, Mashpee, MA 02649 

Elizabeth Allen is retired and enjoys doing ceramics at her 
senior center in White Plains, NY. She keeps up with current 
events, plays cards and sings with a group. 

Jean Barnes-Butts and her husband have been living in the 
Florida Keys. 

Barbara Berkman Sherman and her husband have lived in 
Milton, MA, for 21 years. Both are retired and enjoy their 
accessibility to Boston and other points of interest. 

Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff is retired, busy and content living in a 
small adult community. She is active with bowling, ceramics, art, 
quilting and cards and is on the Board of Directors of her 
homeowners' association as well as its current president. 

Doris Bracher Jenkins lives in Ocala, FL, now and is still 
trying to get used to being far from children, grandchildren and 
great-grandchildren. They visit when they can and Doris talks 
with Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff who lives nearby in Gainesville. 

Charlotte Bragg Burke volunteers at her church and 
senior center. 

Jessie Dobson Salmon teaches homebound students three 
times a week and tutors English. She and her husband play 
tennis, swim, garden (vegetables, mostly) and travel extensively, 
including a recent visit to eight national parks. The Salmons have 
four children and six grandchildren. 

We were sorry to learn that Shirley Egglefield Royal has 
been ill with emphysema. She reminds us all "If you smoke — just 
stop now! It can kill you!" 

Nancy Gorton Ross does volunteer work at her local hospital. 
She and her husband, Austin, have taken many wonderful trips 
together including visits to Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and Russia. 

Rita Grilli Dijohn has four children and two grandchildren. 
She lives in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Charlotte Hall Kelly and her husband spend summers in 
North Carolina and are thinking of coming north for Reunion. 

Elizabeth Heckel Allen is co-owner of Princeton Visual 
Communications Co. in Savannah, GA. She has a son and two 
grandchildren and enjoys golf and bridge, family and friends. 

Nina Hobson Mellor lives in Orleans, MA, where she is 
chairman of the Orleans Supporters of Open Space. 

Laura Kuykendall McGehee is a retired Spanish teacher. She 
has one son and two granddaughters. 

Constance Lynch Walsh recently retired from her secretarial 
position at Wellesley College. She is taking courses at Wellesley 
and she and her husband, Leo, travel to visit their children and 

Mary Ellen Metzger Simpson will be visiting her son in 
Idaho at Reunion time. She swims and works out and enjoys 
gardening, reading and bridge. She and her husband are active in 
their church. 

Dorothy Mosher Stone has 15 grandchildren and enjoys 

Ruth Mosher Porter has 12 grandchildren and one great- 
grandchild and is a volunteer at her church and hospital. She 
plans a trip to Scottsdale, AZ, and sends greetings to Louise 
Freeman Coombs, Margaret Sennott Iris and Dorothy Mosher 

Suzanne Naeher Koch plays doubles tennis and is very 
interested in quilting. She is a volunteer for Buffalo public 

Virginia Nestler Galbraith has retired to the Eastern Shore of 
Maryland where she enjoys golf and being near the water. 

Sarah Nolan Williams enjoys swimming and golf and keeps 
busy with her family visits and activities. She has six daughters 
and 18 grandchildren and will be traveling to Ireland in May with 
two of her daughters and friends. 

Mary Polhemus Davies is busy with children and 
grandchildren, travel, riding, boating, and gardening. 

Marjorie Ray Blackett will miss Reunion this year as she and 
her husband will be on a 50th anniversary trip. They have a 
daughter and three grandsons, are very active birdwatchers and 
participate in activities of the Sarasota Audubon Society. The 
Blacketts volunteer as drivers for FISH, taking people to their 
doctor appointments. 

Phyllis Reinhardt Gorman is on the Board of Housing 
Authority in Duxbury, MA, and published the monthly 
"Duxborrough Village News" from 1991 until 1993. 

Elaine Robins Albert has recently moved to Florida full-time 
and so will probably miss Reunion. She is enjoying retirement 
with her husband at Wycliffe Golf and Country Club in Lake 
Worth, FL. She is active in charitable organizations, plays golf 
and bridge and attends the theater and concerts. Elaine has four 
children and three grandchildren. 

Norma Rogers Powell would love to hear from any classmate 
who passes her way — Ft. Collins, CO, in summer and Venice, 
FL, in the wintertime. 

Ruth Roughgarden Frank is busy with her real estate 
business and is active in her church. She spends summers at the 
Jersey Shore where she enjoys golf and family. 

We were so sorry to learn that Gertrude Ruch Kauffman's 
husband, Sully, has both Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's 
Disease. They do not travel now, but Trudy does plan to attend 

Muriel Stark Goldsmith attended the Presidential 
Inauguration in Washington on January 20. 

Jean Walters Goble is a widow with many activities that keep 
her busy. She volunteers for the Red Cross, plays golf and bridge 
and is a member of VFW Auxiliary and women's clubs. 

Virginia Weeks Hatch and her husband are retired and living 
in Meredith, NH, where they enjoy golf and both downhill and 
cross-country skiing. 

Anne Witney Shea leads a very busy life centered around 
family and farm. She enjoys stitching and garden club. 


Mary Ledbetter Bastean 

22525 4th Street East, Treasure Island, FL 33706 

Virginia Collins Canavan and her husband are enjoying 

living in Sandwich on Cape Cod. 

Elinor Kuchler Hopkins continues to be well and likes to 
travel. She enjoyed seeing some of the Hawaiian Islands last 
spring and visited Maine to see her family last summer. 

Elizabeth Schmidt Morrill chatted with Emily Thumm and 
followed her suggestion to contact Alma Martin Miller who lives 
nearby in Delray Beach, FL. The two had a lovely visit and 
Elizabeth met Alma's husband, puppy dogs and mother, who is 
now 100 years old! 

Shirley Wolcott Wells is retired and deals in antiques (mostly 
19th century Straffordshire and 19th Century American Art). 
Shirley's mother, Marion Griffin Wolcott '16, and her mother's 
sisters Freda Griffin Leining '20 and Carol Griffin Teich '32, all 
live in the Duncaster Retirement Community in Shirley's town of 
Bloomfield, CT. 


Jean Campbell 

84 Laurel Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Katherine Cogswell Darnton reminds us that there are other 
Lasell alums in Clarksville, MO, where the Darntons run a B & B 
on the Mississippi River. They have sold their Americana shop. 

Elaine Curtiss-Dillon is president of her condominium 
association in Florida. She spent last June with her daughter who 
was recuperating from spinal surgery and enjoyed the May 
graduation of her granddaughter. 

Barbara Goodwin Flint moved to Punta Gorda, FL, last 
October and plans to spend summers in New Hampshire. She 
enjoys golf and the Florida weather and had a wonderful visit 
with Betty Fleer Cooper and her husband, Ron, who live in 
Delray Beach. 

Congratulations to Shirley Haviland Woody and her 
husband, Mel, who renewed their wedding vows last July in 
celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. The Woodys send 
congratulations to others in the class who have or will soon reach 
this milestone. 

We were very sorry to learn that Elfreda Reck Dubin's 
husband of 49 years passed away last November and send her 
our sincere condolences. 

Recently retired and traveling a great deal, Marjorie Wing 
Berry is also active in a quilting group. 

Class Notes 



Nonie Lederman Carroll 
Tres Vidas, Townhouse #16E 
2335 South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach, FL 33480 

Constance Arley Brown recently celebrated at the wedding of 
her first grandchild to be married. 

Sarah Atwater Mesmer, who spends much time traveling, 
finds Nova Scotia beautiful, Florida nice and warm and New 
Hampshire to be filled with gorgeous scenery. 

Ann Broadhead Johnson and her husband, Bud, have made 
their home on a retirement campus in Phoenix, AZ, and love it, 
especially the freedom to travel whenever they wish. 

We were sorry to learn from Janet Eaton Maynard that her 
mother, Mildred Cary Hill '18, passed away in July 1996 and we 
offer her our sincere condolences. 

After enjoying a trip to Montreal last October Shirley Gleason 
visited California this past Christmas. 

Bernice Coyne Boon and her husband planned to meet 
Priscilla Robbins Stahl and her husband, Dick, in Mystic, CT, 
last Thanksgiving. The Boons had a great time when they 
attended the Stahls' 50th wedding anniversary party on Cape 
Cod in October '96. 

Carolyn Kesseli Nargesian had a wonderful visit with Ruth 
Davis Burk and her husband as they traveled to Maine last 

Jean Logue Kaknes and Gloria Dupuis Conchar recently 
returned from a trip to London where they had a grand time. 

Marjorie Olson Bjork enjoys traveling, volunteering and 
stitch work. She and her husband, John, are looking forward to 
spending the month of March in Hawaii. 

Gaire Tracy King and Margery Snow Buswell and their 
husbands had a fantastic time while barging in France to celebrate 
their 50th wedding anniversaries. Congratulations to you all! 


Marilyn Blodgett Williamson 

60 Ledgelawn Avenue, Lexington, MA 02173 

Raemary Chase Duryea and her husband enjoy traveling 
and golf. 

Carolyn Coleman Peyrot and her husband, Jan, enjoyed 
meeting classmates and their spouses at Reunion '96 as well as 
the campus tour and update on the present curriculum. Both 
found the dinner and entertainment at the President's house to be 
very special. 

Now that they are retired, Joan Hart Taylor and her husband 
are traveling more and enjoying their grandchildren. 

Arline Koppel Martini is looking forward to the start of her 
retirement this spring. 

Eleanor Lincoln Cosgrove enjoyed playing golf and visiting 
with Jane Sherwood Adkins. The two hadn't seen each other 
since 1945, but got together when Jane made one of her spring 
and fall visits to North Carolina. 

Her two little granddaughters are the joy of Dorothy Lowe 
Whitham's life. 

Esther Tashjian Johnson has decided that "in my next life I 
am going to be a horticultural therapist." 

Jean Watson Wetrich enjoyed her granddaughter's company 
last summer when they traveled together to Hawaii for a visit 
with Jean's daughter. 

Barbara Weeks Dow had a wonderful time at her 50th 
Reunion and continues to stay in touch with classmates. 



Gloria Sylvia Paolella 

34 Kate's Path, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675 

Anne Alger Ehrlich studies piano and German and has 
recently been involved in major gardening around her new home. 

Barbara Bates Perkins is active in the Learning in Retirement 
Institute at George Mason University and with church activites. 
She visits her sons and their families in Virginia and Tennessee 
and gets to Newport, NH, each year to visit her brother and his 

For the past six years, Margaret Beach Otis and her husband, 
Jim, have been spending six to eight months a year aboard their 
Maine lobster boat, cruising over 45,000 miles from New 
Brunswick, Canada, to Brownsville, Texas, and the waterways in 
between. When not on the boat Margaret gardens and enjoys her 
seven grandchildren. She is involved with Democratic politics 
and the Area Agency on Aging, League of Women Voters and the 
Natural Area Guardians. The Otises visited China and Tibet last 

Carol Birath Dennison is a retired x-ray technologist and has 
one son. 

Frances Burns McSweeney and her husband enjoy living on 
the 13th tee at Pinehurst Country Club in North Carolina and 
have five children and five grandchildren. 

Alice Cahill Drown works part-time at the Sydenstricker 
Galleries on Route 6A in Brewster on Cape Cod. She enjoys her 
children and grandchildren and salutes her two dear Lasell 
friends who remain her closest friends to this day: Ruthe Powers 
Wlodyka and Nancy Keim Doherty. 

Esther Cornwell Osborne looks forward to seeing classmates 
at Reunion '97 — the 50th! 

Nancy Duclos Krieger raises and shows English Cocker 
Spaniels and enjoys her grandchild, bridge and traveling. 

Joan Familton Gardner is retired and lives part of the year on 
Long Island and part in Fort Myers, FL. She enjoys her children, 
children-in-law and three grandchildren. 

Charlotte Fletcher Kelly looks forward to seeing friends at 
Reunion. She has been a widow for three years, paints, and is 
very busy managing her three properties and enjoying her five 

Jeanne Franklin Bates enjoyed the annual fun Cape Cod get- 
together in September with Sarah Cross Finigan, Dorothy 
Harvender Kleiderlein and Eunice Watson Crosen. Jeanne has 
contacted Barbara Roedel Hall and Nancy Collect Hendricks 
and hopes the whole group can make the 50th Reunion. Jeanne 
and her husband, Jim, spend winters in Naples, FL. 

Dorothy Harvender Kleiderlein goes to Miami Shores, FL, 
after New Year's and returns the last week in April to Bradford, 
PA. She loves boating, fishing and traveling. 

Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt teaches water exercise for her 
own health and that of others. She loves cross-country skiing, 
traveling, Cape Cod vacations, ballet and theater, church work, 
and is a mentor for two young ladies. 

Janice Hayden Cummins enjoys travel and golf. 

Joyce Hayes Whitman and her husband, Barrett, are happily 
retired and living in the oceanside community of Montauk on 
Long Island where they perform many volunteer services and 
enjoy country line dancing. Their nephew's daughter is now a 
Lasell sophomore who plays on the basketball team and lives in 
Woodland, Joyce's old dorm! Joyce's volunteer work includes 
reading to pre-schoolers weekly at the new local library, and she 
is secretary of the Friends of the Library. 

Beverly Yeates McCormick is president of her golf association 
and enjoys swimming, walking, working out with weights, 
watching the Braves, reading, traveling, needlepoint and church 
activities. Beverly acts as a guardian ad litem, representing 
abused and neglected children before the court. 

Carol Hriczko Nielsen has two sons and enjoys bowling, 
duplicate bridge, trips to the Oregon coast and volunteering in 
theater and museum gift shops. She plays lots of golf and is 
enjoying getting to know Portland, OR, better. 

Carolyn Huntley Gentles is a volunteer certified braillist who 
brailles textbooks for the New Jersey Commission for the Blind. 
She enjoys bridge and loves to travel, taking several extended 
trips each year. 

Kitty Kavanagh Brown lives in a lovely retirement 
community near San Francisco. She exercises daily and her 
interests include art, decorating and psychology. She has a son 
and a daughter. 

Nancy Keim Doherty is retired now and travels with fellow 
alums Ruthe Powers Wlodyka and Alice Cahill Drown. She is a 
widow and has three children and seven grandchildren. Nancy 
plans to attend Reunion and especially hopes to see Barbara Shea 
Driscoll who was her maid of honor 47 years ago! 

Linda Koempel Tompkins and her husband are very content 
in their retirement village. They enjoy sailing on the Chesapeake 
Bay in their Island Packet — "a dream cruiser for the two of us." 
They have three children, two grandchildren and two infant 

Joanna Lamb Kingsley is editor of a monthly newsletter and 
enjoys swimming, fishing and the Florida life. 

Ruth Maxted Mentall is busy with volunteer work. 

Mary Kay Murray Sutton and her husband are retired now 
and enjoy summers in New Jersey, winters in Florida and hope to 
make Reunion '97. 

Congratulations to Cynthia Morrison Robinson who earned 
her master's degree in biblical studies from Eastern College in 
1996 and hopes now to teach or counsel. 

Frances Oden Werly spends a great deal of time going 
between Nevada and Maine where her daughters live, and is 
thinking of moving from Connecticut to Maine. She is busy with 
church work and as a Wadsworth Atheneum volunteer. 

Rhoda O'Donnell Erickson has a son and is a 
"rabid Red Sox fan!" 

Dorothy Papani Palmer is a student of tai'chi and an avid 
golfer. A pianist and artist, Dorothy has been heavily involved in 
events which mix women and music and women and art. She has 
two sons and four grandsons. 

Jacquelyn Pettine Brett enjoys her four grandchildren and 
loves the snowbird life of boating and swimming in Florida 
during the winter months. 

Nancy Pursel Tupper's interests include golf, bridge and 
travel. She has been a Realtor for the past 25 years. 

Mary Ellen Roberts Gill loves to travel and Elderhostel. 

Ruth Redden Decker has loved life as a pastor's wife since 
1953 and has been living in Brattleboro, VT, for the past 12 years. 
She continues to paint and exhibit her water colors and pen and 
inks of the beautiful Vermont scenes. The Deckers have two 
children and five grandchildren. 

Lois Seiden Newell plans to attend Reunion '97 if it's at all 

Janet Stearns Gille keeps in touch with several classmates. 
She saw Gretchen Yost Thayer in Gloucester two years ago and 
Linda Koempel Tompkins in Philadelphia last year. 

Most of Barbara Stickle Mode's activities are dictated by her 
interior design business which she started 15 years ago. She is 

also active here at Lasell as a Corporator and as incoming 
president of the Board of Management. Barbara has two children 
and five grandchildren and enjoys an annual trip to Bermuda. 

Priscilla Stone Hird and her husband, Jack, spend eight 
months in Florida and four in New Hampshire each year and last 
summer enjoyed a wonderful cruise and land tour of Alaska. The 
Hirds have three sons and five grandchildren. 

Nancy Stupak Parker is finding retirement to be a busy time. 
She's involved in activities of the Nashua Garden Club, National 
Federation of Republican Women, Nashua Retired Teachers, 
American State Festival and volunteers at her church. Her travels 
during 1996 included trips to Hawaii, Greece and Israel. Nancy 
would be happy to hear from you if you're looking for a traveling 

Phyllis Sykes Brown's youngest child was married recently 
and participants included: two grandsons, four granddaughters, 
three daughters, three sons-in-law and Phyllis' husband, who was 
best man! 

Gloria Sylvia Paolella and her husband, John, are pilots and 
own a Cherokee Arrow. 

Anita Triantafel Hatzis is vice-president of her family's 
business in Waltham, MA. She has three children who 
also help with the business, and three grandchildren. Anita and 
her husband, Tom, recently celebrated their 47th wedding 
anniversary. Their first date was the Lasell formal in 
May 1949! 

Jane Trott Burgon is sorry to have to miss Reunion, but will 
be traveling out of the country at that time. 

Beverly Tucker Bowen taught school in Rochester, NY, for a 
few years and has traveled extensively in this country and 
abroad. She is actively involved in a great deal of volunteer work 
and enjoys swimming, needlework, reading and early American 
decorative painting. 

Jane Upton Patten has seven grandsons and continues to 
work for TOPS Club, Inc. She loves her job and travels often, 
including trips to Europe. Jane spoke with roommate Rosemarie 
Cote Butler in Maine, and both hope to attend their 50th Reunion 
this spring. 

Elda Volpe Van Wart has enjoyed volunteering at Baystate 
Medical Center for 14 years and loves visits from her five 

Elizabeth Waters Hartman and her semi-retired husband, 
Sam, travel a lot to spend time with their children and grandsons. 
Betsy would love to see any classmates coming through San 

Sally Waters Manning is a home health aide for the Visiting 
Nurses Association and enjoys her work with the elderly. She 
participates in church activities, travels, writes poetry and enjoys 
her three grandchildren. 

Elizabeth Williams McGowan is a devoted grandmother of 
three and an avid gardener. She plays an occasional tennis game, 
volunteers and works for a garden center in the spring and 
around the Christmas holidays. 


Nancy Larsen Bailey 

135 Exeter Road, Hampton, NH 03842-1908 

Ann Chapman Berl enjoys visiting her five grandchildren and 
looks forward to her 50th Reunion in 1998. 

Volunteering, bridge, garden club and environmental 
commission keep Shirley Thome Brady busy. She and her 
husband, Walt, surf fish at Seaside Park and last October 
welcomed a new granddaughter. 

After 40 years in California, Carol Galligan Massard is going 
to head east in 1997 and has rented a house in Falmouth on Cape 
Cod from January to April to see if she can take the winters here. 
Good luck with your move Carol, and please let us know your 
new address — we have an active Lasell alumnae club on the 

Judith Tracy Shanahan had a grand time at the '96 Lasell 
luncheon in Naples, with Alice Johnson Thornton, Shirley Sturm 
Bullard, Betty Culver Thomson and Joanne Eaton Friborg. 

Ann Truex Dickinson enjoys seeing Elaine Burrell King and 
looks forward to getting together with Helen Dethloff Kinsey in 
Sarasota where they all live. 


Nancy Lawson Donahue 

52 Belmont Avenue, Lowell, MA 01852 

Our sincere condolences to Gloria Ellis Tompson whose 
husband, Tom, passed away on June 10, 1996. 

June Gray Taylor is enjoying her retirement after working for 
27 years as administrative assistant for Potpourri Collection. She 
and her husband, Bob, have fun traveling to visit their two 
children and four grandchildren. 

Natalie Hall Campbell and her husband live in a condo in 
South Carolina, and go to their cottage in Falmouth which they 
and their children now own. Nat hopes the entire class will begin 
to think about the 50th Reunion in 1999 and suggests that all 
make an effort to get together for a fun time and lots of 

Norma Pickett Wise took a trip last June to Germany, Austria, 
Italy and Switzerland. She spent a couple of weeks last fall 


Class Notes 


By Dr. Donald VJinslow 


actress, attended Lasell Female Seminary from 1855 to 1856. A classmate of the artist 
Elizabeth Gardner, she was a 17-year-old native of St. Louis, where her father was a 
noted actor and journalist. At the time of the 1851 portrait by St. Louis artist William R. 
Simpson, she was a pupil at Mrs. Smith's Seminary. Kate's mother, Eliza Riddle, was 
also an actress and the sister-in-law of Milton Sanford, a wealthy Boston businessman 
who paid his niece's tuition at Auburndale's thriving new school for young women. 
Now, on the 100th anniversary of her death Geometry, and Criticism. Miss Field refers to 

in 1896, Kate Field: Selected Letters, edited by Dr. 
Carolyn J. Moss, was published by Southern 
Illinois Press. This important collection follows 
a century of neglect and will no doubt revive 
even more interest in the author, her life, and 
publications. The nine letters Kate Field sent 
from Lasell Seminary, reveal something about 
the daily life here. Kate describes her 
enthusiasm for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 
new poem, "Hiawatha," and about learning 
two more choruses from Verdi and Rossini. She 
also attended a William Makepeace Thackery 
lecture in Boston. Not surprisingly, Miss Field 
was homesick and not particularly happy at 
school. She studied French and especially 
singing. In a letter to her father, she mentioned 
her aunt's and uncle's visit to parental colleague 
and fellow actress, Charlotte Cushman, 
currently performing in Boston. In the same 
letter, she tells of appearing in popular school 
tableaux and says, "I think, talk, and dream of 
nothing but tableaux." 

On January 28, 1856, the Seminary received 
word of the death of Kate Field's father. In 
February, two more letters to her mother 
describe her singing lessons and her difficulty 
concentrating on studies like Rhetoric, 

visiting roommate Mary Stone Leary in California and they 
enjoyed a lunch with Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley. 

Betty Vail Morrissey and her husband had a wonderful time 
when they visited Nancy Irwin Van Dorn in La Jolla, CA, last 

Jane Wadhams Hazen and Martha Hurd Davenport were 
delighted to have lunch together last November and especially 
pleased that they recognized each other! 

Jeanne Zedren Scott and her husband are living in Florida 
and continue to miss their daughter and three grandchildren 
whom they visit once each year. 


Nancy Bean Lord 

HCR 62, Box 808, Hope, ME 04847 

Mami Nahigian Sarkisian 

256 South Avenue, Weston, MA 02193 

Congratulations to Marilyn Bartlett Erratt and her husband 
who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last September. 
They travel to visit their son's family in Texas twice each year and 
have three granddaughters. 

Last March Eleanor Barton enjoyed a nice visit from Naomi 
Cox Santoro and her husband. 

Nancy Bean Lord enjoyed a too brief but thoroughly 
enjoyable visit from Anne Mastin Egner and her husband, Bob. 
Nancy and Ann are already making plans for the 50th Reunion in 

Suzanne Clark Richardson is attending Vermont Technical 
College where she is studying materiels and technology. She is a 
trustee of the American Precision Museum in Windsor, VT, a 
museum of old machine tools. Suzanne had dinner with Phyllis 
Howard Conner and Marylin Sargent Babineau and their 
husbands and when Suzanne's daughter was married in 
Breckenridge, CO, last fall, Joy Gustavson Smith attended. 

Jean Davies Stanley and her husband, Pete, enjoyed a great 
two-week trip last October to Portugal and Spain. They spent 
Thanksgiving weekend in Vermont with her sister, Joyce Davies 
Harrison and her husband. 

her propensity to scribble and read, clear 
indications of her future life. 

A month after her father's death, Kate Field 
left Lasell, and her aunt and uncle took her to 
Europe. There, her remarkable career began, 
including friendships with Robert and Elizabeth 
Browning, the Trollopes, and Charles Dickens. 

While Lasell: A 

History (pages 28- 
33) offers more 
on her life, 
Dr. Moss' 

to end. **- 

Distinguished journalist, lecturer, singer, 
actress — and Lasell alumna — Kate Field. 

Joan Dorau Hohorst has retired and she and her husband 
have moved to a condo. Their eleven grandchildren keep Joan 

We heard from Mary Louise Dunham Weyand in September 
1996 that she and her husband were looking forward to a two- 
week European vacation. 

Phyllis Farr Blanton's year is divided between Florida and 
Maine. She has five grandchildren. 

Sally Hughes Fasick, Naomi Cox Santoro and Carmen Welch 
Clark met for lunch last summer at the Hyannis Yacht Club on 
Cape Cod and had a wonderful mini-reunion. 

Elizabeth Kerrivan Davidson attended a delightful gathering 
of the Washington area Lasell alums at the home of Vivien Ash 
Gallagher '64 last fall and encourages other alums to join in the 
fun of Lasell gatherings. Bettie and her husband, Frank, are busy 
in retirement. 

While visiting Maine last summer, Anne Mastin Egner and 
her husband, Bob, enjoyed a very nice get-together with Nancy 
Bean Lord and her husband, Jack. 

Marni Nahigian Sarkisian is involved with her community 
garden club and last summer enjoyed a trip which included visits 
to Palm Springs, Sedona and the Grand Canyon. She enjoys 
helping her son with registration and timing of road races. 

Rosemary O'Brien deBelay and Ellen O'Brien Montemurro 
spent four wonderful days with Marion Ettinger Steinmetz at 
Wild Dunes, SC, enjoying another of their terrific annual 
reunions. All send regards to the class of '50. 

Jean Ostrander Lowman and her husband enjoy their 
Florida lives of part-time work and travel, swimming and tennis. 
They recently enjoyed a cruise and like to visit with friends in 
Maine and Arizona and with their grandchildren who live in 

Barbara Schnelle Orton serves, for the third time in six years, 
as president of the Lewes, DE, Lioness organization and helps 
with her grandson. 

Clara Silsby Lamperti has been running her consignment 
shop for 25 years. She sees Joan Koch Ryan, Lois Form Senft and 
Jeanne Hackett Desmond regularly, and saw Marion Ettinger 
Steinmetz in Charleston, SC, last May for the first time in 
many years. 

Carolyn Snook Rauscher spent a nice day on Cape Cod with 
her sister, Barbara Snook Haggerty '48, and Margot Bergstrom 
Semonian. She was planning a trip to Florida this past December 
and hoped to get together with former roommate Ruth Mount 
Ivins. Carolyn does volunteer work at the hospital and is very 
busy with church committees. 

Congratulations to Jacquelyn Temperley Jennings 
who participated in the New Hampshire Senior Games and 
won a gold medal in 100 meter backstroke as well as a silver and 
two bronze medals. These wins qualify her to enter the National 
Senior Olympics in Tucson, AZ, in May this year. 


Libbie Fleet Glazer 

94 Fairfield Street, Lowell, MA 01851 

Elizabeth Baumbach Hyne and her husband enjoy traveling 
in their 31-foot mobile home which they purchased in 1993, not 
1931 as was reported in the last issue! Sorry, Elizabeth, and happy 
travels! The Hynes attended Reunion '96 and had a wonderful 

Joan Howe Weber served as Lasell's representative at the 
Kentucky inauguration of Union College's 16th president, David 
Joyce, in September 1996. 

Congratulations to Virginia Klenske Heard and her husband 
who welcomed their first grandson last June. The Heards have 
been married for 35 years and are happily retired. 

Louise Marston Donnelly enjoyed a trip last fall through the 
Panama Canal. 

Patricia Walsh Barry and her husband are retired and enjoy 
traveling. They have six children and 11 grandchildren. 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Jean Aslaksen Podimsky 

6 West 14th Street 

P.O. Box 57, Barnegat Light, NJ 08006 

After working 32 years with the fire department, Lois 
Armstrong Howland retired in 1996 as office manager. She 
moved back to her childhood home, a farm house next door to 
where she raised her family. Lois is now doing renovations to a 
circa 1689 colonial house. 

Jean Aslaksen Podimsky works as the bookkeeper at a 
commercial marina, is vice-president of a taxpayers association, is 
a tutor and tutor trainer and enjoys spending time gardening, 
reading and with her grandchildren. Jean invites any visitors to 
Long Beach Island to look her up. 

Janet Bolster Peterson is retired as a tennis pro and working 

for the El Cajon Police Department in community relations. She 

graduated from the Police Academy in 1995. 

Shirley Boothby-LeBarge's hobbies include writing, research, 
antique collecting and specialty book collecting, including Maine 
authors, women's studies and first editions. She is restoring a 
circa 1750 National Register cape in the country and enjoys 
gardening and dassical music. 

Peggy Bostwick Farnsworth is retired and spends some time 
each winter in Venice, FL, where she joins a great group of friends 
from her hometown. 

Chloe Comstock Singarella loves to golf and canoe and has 
worked in both Yellowstone and Mt. Ranier National Parks 
during recent summers. 

Marjorie Dyer Hubbard revels in having started to find her 
"own place" while at Lasell, and now, as a single woman, she 
couldn't be happier. 

As of last June Barbara Herzog Burns had 10 grandchildren 
and was expecting two more. She keeps very busy traveling, 
babysitting and stocking her spot in an antique shop. 

Gloria O'Dwyer Miller and her husband enjoy traveling 
around the United States and do a good bit of babysitting for their 
13 grandchildren. 

Janet Parker Smith plans to retire this year. She enjoys cross- 
country skiing and trips to Bar Harbor and Cape Cod in the 

Joeyna Raynal Rearwin has worked at Appleseed's in 
Concord, MA, for 12 years and serves on the Concord Friends of 
the Aging Board and Milldames. She enjoys tennis and travel 

We were so sorry to learn from her husband, Dan, of the death 
of Nancy Slattery Haskins, and grateful to him for the wonderful 
letter he wrote of his and Nancy's courtship while she attended 
Lasell and he Harvard. "I chased her and chased her and finally 
caught up. I remember 'Tea Dances' and some nice afternoon 
Lasell programs. The 'ladies' were dressed, and the 'men' wore 
jackets and ties. Nancy studied hard and, then we would toot off 
to dinner. She had to be in by 11 p.m. on weekends. A good rule. 
Nancy enjoyed going to the Harvard football games. Here, again, 
the gals put on their tweed suits. After the game, it was off to the 
Club and fun with Lasell and Harvard friends. Barbara Stober 
Poole married my Harvard roommate, Warren. You see, we 
chased Lasell girls together." We have sent our condolences to 
Mr. Haskins and know many of you will enjoy his fond 

Virginia Snedaker Marschall plans to retire as an account 
administrator in about a year. She plays tennis and travels as 
much as time permits. Congratulations to Virginia and her 

Class Notes 


.• '.. 


husband who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last 
November. They have two grandchildren. 

Barbara Trout Krohn is busy with many activities, including 
family and tennis. 

Muriel Webb Moyer is an active garden cluber. She gives 
talks in Florida on growing and using herbs and paints 

Dorothy Webb Slack is working on her doctorate in 
education at Clark University. 

Nancy Whelton Herold is very much enjoying her retirement. 
She has six grandchildren. 


Elizabeth Keys Gage 

49 Twilight Road, Bay Head, NJ 08742 

Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 

2840 Doncaster Road, Columbus, OH 43221 

Eleanor Andrews McDonah lives in Belmont, MA, and 
recently enjoyed a trip to Hawaii with her daughter. 

Mary Louise Burke Alexander remembers fondly the 1994 
visit she had in Oklahoma from Eva Bunzel Bulman and her 
husband, Harold. 

Mary Blackham Kelly and her husband, who have seven 
grandchildren and work in the financial planning business, sold 
their home in Belmont, MA. They keep an apartment there and 
have a home in Yarmouthport on Cape Cod. The Kellys enjoy 
tennis, biking and skiing. Mary recently saw Eleanor Andrews 
McDonah and Charlotte Nilson: "both looked great and were 
enjoying life and grandchildren." Mary, Charlotte and Elinor 
Johnson Banks attended a wonderful surprise 60th birthday 
party for Martha- Ann Folkins Hawes. 

Elinor Cohen Goldman has three children. One of her 
daughters was married in March 1995. 

Dorothy Day Bardarson is building a new art studio. 

Kathryn Dolan continues her work as a care manager at a 
homeless family shelter and is also attending school. 

Congratulations to Nancy Kittell Martin on the birth of her 
seventh grandchild, a baby boy. 

Elizabeth Page has worked at a yoga retreat center in Monroe, 
NY, for the past seven summers. 

After having been a widow for seven years, Constance 
Peterson Costigan was remarried on May 13, 1995, and moved 
from Horida to Illinois. She and Molly McBride Hamel and their 
husbands had a great visit last fall in Maine. 

Beverly Thornton Hallowell volunteers at the front desk of a 
Natick hospital two days a week and will welcome her eighth 
grandchild this year. 

Jean Weeks Hanna now spends winters in Sarasota, FL, and 
would love to be in touch with other Lasell grads in that area. 

Mary Wellington McKoan has moved from her home in 
Worcester to a new home in East Falmouth on the Cape. 


Corinne Coyle Lydem 

7 Fitzpatrick Road, Ansonia, CT 06401 

Thank you, Nancy Atwood Cook, for letting us know that 
you enjoy reading Lasell Leaves. 

Ann Bowerman Logan and her recently retired husband, Bob, 
spend lots of time traveling. They recently visited Ireland and 
London — a gift for their 40th wedding anniversary from their 
seven children, their spouses and nine grandchildren. Each 
winter they enjoy two-and-a-half months in Naples, FL, and are 
planning to visit their oldest son and his family who are living in 
Santiago, Chile. 

Lee Fuller Hoag and her husband have purchased a home in 
Venice, FL, and plan to spend six months there and six in 
Connecticut. "No more snow for me!!" says Lee. 

Thelma Greenberg Florin and her husband, Richie, are 
delighted that their son and daughter and their families, 
including two grandsons, have purchased homes quite near the 
Florins in New Jersey. 

Toni Hayden Durkee loves retirement and spends it doing all 
the things she enjoys, including a marvelous trip to Nova Scotia 
and annual vacations on Martha's Vineyard. 

Janet McElgunn Flynn is now a year-round resident of Spring 
Lake, NJ, where she and her family had summered for many 
years and enjoys being more involved in the local community. 

After 25 years, Virginia Michelini Parks retired last 
September from her secretarial position with the Marshfield 
School District. Her husband, Ed, has also retired and last fall 
they traveled to Nova Scotia, Maine, Idaho and Washington. 

Lorraine Nelson Stevens works for Germaine Lawrence 
School and ARC Travel. She has three children and tries to visit 
London each year as she loves both the city and theater. 

Elizabeth Noyes Church looks forward to retirement and 
spending more time with her four granddaughters. 

Carole Mattucci Wall and her husband enjoyed seeing other 
alums at Lasell's Kennedy Space Center event in 1996. 

Still living in Arlington, MA, Lorraine Nelson Stevens is 
looking forward to retiring soon from her work as a travel agent. 

Wendy Paul Doughty now has two grandchildren. 

Shirley Read Lupien keeps in touch with Wendy Paul 
Doughty of New Hampshire. Shirley has six grandchildren and 

enjoyed trips to Ireland and England and a cruise to Alaska in the 
last two years. 

Lee Smith has worked for 39 years at Phillips Brooks House 
Association which is Harvard's largest undergraduate student 
organization and provides volunteer service to local 
communities. She enjoyed visits to Sicily and Mexico last year and 
makes an annual visit to Nantucket. 

After working for Pfaltzgraff Co. for 16 years, Nancy 
Swanson Horsfield retired last July and plans to enjoy her lake 
cottage and spend more time with her grandchildren (numbers 
nine and 10 were expected this past fall.) When the Horsfields 
celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in December 1995, 
Mary Atterbury Bradshaw attended their party and the two 
friends look forward to seeing more of each other now that Nancy 
has more free time. 


Susan Twichell Nelson 

25 Westford Road, Concord, MA 01742 

Carol Ann Cunningham and her new Chicago beau, the 
widower of a childhood friend of Carol's, plan a Caribbean cruise 
in March '97. 

Barbara Travis Hendrick loves living in Florida and plays lots 
of duplicate bridge, attending tournaments throughout her area. 
She enjoys old friends and family for three months in New 
Hampshire each summer. 

Lucille Marden Randall is retiring after more than 20 years 
with the State of New Hampshire and looks forward to volunteer 
work, travel and enjoying her golden years. 

Valerie Montanez Barto and her husband, Roy, enjoyed a 
"best ever" 22-day cruise which included visits to London, Dover, 
Paris, Dublin, Waterford, Wales, Spain, Portugal and Bermuda. 

Betty Price Scott and her husband were visiting New England 
in May and stopped for a short visit with students sitting on the 
porch of Gardner — "great memories!" 

Jean Ryder Tyler is enjoying her ministerial appointment to 
serve on the staff of the large Worthington United Methodist 
Church in Columbus, OH, where she is responsible for children's 
and adult ministries. Last year she welcomed her 11th grandchild. 

Beryl Schelhorn Frey is now living in Waban, MA. She took 
her two granddaughters and youngest daughter to England 
where they had a wonderful time. 

Audrey Silver Rogers' life has been busy and full of late! 
Recently retired, she and her husband have celebrated their 40th 
wedding anniversary, and Audrey looks forward to spending 
time with seven grandchildren, including her daughter's family 
who lives in Sweden. 

Susan Twichell Nelson and her husband are looking forward 
to retiring and moving to Hanover, NH. Susan's new hobby is 
walking and she is a member of "Walk'n Mass" Club and AMC 
and loves to paddle her canoe on the Concord River. 

Marilyn Valter Maclay and her husband, John, had a 
wonderful vacation in Florida visiting Valerie Montanez Barto 
and her husband, Roy. "We celebrated reunion and reminisced in 
Key West— just like old times with a forever friend!" 

After not having seen each other for 40 years, Adrienne Vitali 
Stewart and roommate Joyce Happ Campbell had a great visit 
when Joyce and her husband, Bill, were on vacation in Colorado. 

Donna Williams O'Connor and her soon-to-be-retired 
husband both enjoy traveling in Europe and within the United 
States. They are expecting their fourth grandchild. 


Deanne Dario Sferrino 

10 Liberty Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803 

Helene Driscoll Kukola had a grand time visiting with her 
roommate Kathryn Rohleder Oetting at Reunion '96. 

Sally Herman DeRosa and her husband, Richard, have 
moved to Treasure Island, FL. 

Therese Kilgore Mannix had a wonderful time at 40th 
Reunion, but noticed lots of missing faces — hopefully more will 
return to campus in 2001! 

Congratulations to Judith Littlef ield Clark who welcomed 
her first grandchild in November, 1996. 

Joan Polidor Selander welcomed two more grandchildren in 
1996 and feels so fortunate to have her three children and their 
families all living near her in Jacksonsonville. 

Penny Rafkin Blake had a fabulous time at Reunion '96 and was 
delighted and amazed to see that no one had changed in 40 years! 

Janet Whitney Buck hopes to see more of her two 
grandchildren after March 1997 when she retires as credit 
manager for a wholesale door and window company. 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Ada Whitmore Suydam 

35 Carey Road, Needham, MA 02192 

literature, poetry and novels. She enjoys traveling and cooking. 

Sandra Bristol Walters has two children and four 
grandchildren and enjoys sewing, quilting, gardening, traveling 
and golf. 

Mildred Berg Cunningham and her husband play golf and 
tennis during their winters in Horida and summers in 

Camilla Carlson Ellsworth has a son and daughter and two 
grandsons. She enjoys golf, tennis, paddle tennis, biking, bowling 
and bridge. 

After living for 14 years in Maine, Cynthia Clark Rose has 
moved to Punta Gorda, FL, where she and her husband, Phil, 
enjoy walking their dog, golf, antiquing and visiting the many 
recreational facilities in southwest Florida. 

Barbara Cupp Weil will probably continue to work part-time 
in the health care field when she semi-retires to Dundee, NY, on 
Keuka Lake, where she will be closer to one of her two daughters 
and grandchildren. 

Muriel Hagerthy Meyer is involved with designing and 
decorating homes in Scotland, Salt Lake, western Connecticut, 
southern New Hampshire and in her hometown of Freeport, ME, 
and also enjoys oil painting and watercolors. 

Marcia Hamilton Killeen is chairperson of the volunteer 
advisory council at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Centre in 
Phoenix, where her duties include recruitment, leadership and 
development of special programs. Marcia has five children and 
five grandchildren. 

Frances Howell Meyers has worked as a secretary and office 
administrator for 24 years. She enjoys traveling, bowling, knitting 
and crocheting, woodworking and fishing, and looks forward to 
retirement. Frances has three sons and two grandchildren. 

Marcia James Carthaus is winding down her thirty-seven- 
year career in public school administration and college teaching. 
She was recently honored by the Edina, Minnesota, Public 
Schools with the Leader of Excellence for Special Education 
Award from the Minnesota Administrators for Special Education, 
for her "ability to keep up with continuing change and her belief 
that others may have good ideas." Congratulations, Marcia! Good 
luck with your future plans to continue your world travels and to 
venture into the world of technology. 

Marcia Jones Leighton has two children and four 
grandchildren and enjoys traveling, line dancing and cross- 
country skiing. 

Suzanne Jouret Kowalski is an artist working with oils and 
enjoys taking art courses. She and her husband, Lee, have been 
married almost 39 years and have two children and four 

Caroline Killam MoUer's interests include classical music, 
reading and travel, as well as her volunteer work at a retirement 

Patricia Koules Kandianis is assistant to the director of the 
Lehigh University Art Galleries and serves as editor of exhibition 
catalogs and publications. She enjoys tennis, music and research. 

Joan Kramer Edelman has high hopes of seeing the Gardner 
House crew at Reunion '97. 

Elizabeth Liebewein Snyder has recently moved into a new 
home on Pine Island in St. James City, FL, where she will spend 
six months each year, returning to Dover-Foxcroft, ME, for the 

Audrey Mac Adam Lowe has worked on fundraisers for 
Cornell Veterinary College Equine Research Programs for 18 
years. She enjoys travel, sports and her four horses. 

Congratulations to Janet Pockwinse who recently received an 
honorable mention for a watercolor painting she exhibited at the 
Wellesley Arts and Crafts Guild exhibit. She is a member of the 
Waltham Arts Council and is affiliated with Firehouse Studios in 

Joan Pethybridge Thompson loves to golf, garden and travel. 
She works at the University of Connecticut Health Center in the 
Development office and plans to retire in a few more years. 

Anita Polcari Hume loves the theater and travel and is 
learning to play golf. She is assistant vice-president for quality 
and risk management at Winchester Hospital. Her work and six 
grandchildren keep Anita quite busy. 

Carol Preater Feldmann enjoys her cottage on Cape Cod, 
knitting, painting, gardening, running, aerobics, cooking and 
especially her family. 

Lori Rounse ville Sanf ord is enjoying re-decorating her 
kitchen and helping with her grandchildren. 

Ada Whitmore Suydam is a pet-sitter and works for Visiting 
Nurse Associates as an aide. She is active in her church and town 
and is involved with dog shows and choral work. Ada and her 
husband enjoy traveling and recently visited Alaska and 

Nancy Whitney Boyer works at her local library four days a 
week and enjoys walking, reading and traveling. 

Carol Swartz Kumin enjoys her work at Comco Graphics. She 
and her husband traveled to four countries in Europe in 1995 and 
spent that Christmas with their children in the San Francisco area. 

Edith Berger Kaplan would love to hear from any members 
of the LabTech program — a small and close knit group. She is 
looking for someone to travel to Reunion with from Ohio or 
Pennsylvania. Edith coordinates off-campus classes in three 
counties in subjects which include art, classics, government, 


Betty Anderson Fairchild 

5 Grennan Road, West Hartford, CT 06107 

Barbara Batty Brown reminds all that it's "just a couple of 
years 'til our 40th. Hope lots of gals plan to attend." 


Class Notes 

Linda Braslow Lefkowitz continues her work for Wyeth- 
Ayerst Labs and hopes to see Lasell friends soon — time to start 
thinking about Reunion '98! 

Marjorie Dickstein Breitman and her husband are retired 
and divide their time between New York and Florida. They have 
four grandchildren and enjoy travel, golf, tennis and their 
involvement with Ben Gurion University in Israel. 

Rosalind Ferrucci Merrell recently started a new career as a 
lobbyist for children in Florida. She and her husband, Robert, 
recently celebrated their 35th anniversary and happily report that 
their five children and three grandchildren are doing well. 

Judith George Stephens is "almost retired" from her 
volunteer life. She still does some consulting with not-for-profit 
agencies but her favorite activities surround her two grandsons 
who live nearby. 

Beverlee Raymond Henion and a friend of 25 years held their 
own art show in Wilton, CT, in September, 1996. Beverlee, a 
Wilton resident for 40 years, has done set design for theater there 
as well as a wide range of work in various media for the Wilton 
Arts Council, political campaigns and community benefits. She is 
assistant to the president of an investment management group. 

Carolyn Reid Towne's daughter was married last September. 
Connie is still nursing about 24 hours each week and both she 
and her husband, John, are considering retiring in 1997. 

Marsha Singer Marshall is president of her Hadassah 
Chapter. She and her husband have seven grandchildren and are 
active in their community. 

Barbara Stannard Riedinger continues to enjoy her career 
with Thomas Register, weekends at her home on Martha's 
Vineyard and traveling with her daughter. Last year they visited 
South Africa, Greece and Turkey. 


Linda Gould Marshall 

2001 Freedom Lane, Falls Church, VA 22043 

Cynthia Boynton Green has retired after 30 years as a teacher 
and is now enjoying traveling and occasional substitute teaching. 

Ann Douglass Wood is enjoying her granddaughter and 
expects another grandchild this spring. 

Joanne King Fitzgerald spends her winters at Defray Beach in 
Florida and is a real estate broker at New Seabury Resort and 
Country Club on Cape Cod. 

Marilyn Miller Harris is a Realtor in Cos Cob, CT, and would 
love to work with anyone who needs help in that area. 

Louise Ohanesian Shaheen took great pleasure in celebrating 
her granddaughter's first birthday last October. 

Janet Roy reports from Schenectady, NY, that all is well with 
her and her three children. 

Joan Sycle Norwitz and her husband, Martin, are both 
recently retired, she from her personnel position at a local retail 
store. They are enjoying their four children and two 
grandchildren (with a new little one expected in April.) 


Faith Bowker Maloney 

63 Burnt Swamp Road, Wrentham, MA 02093 

Barbara Bogert Wahlberg's daughter, Susan '88, was married 
last October. 

Barbara Jacoby Adelstein is helping her daughter plan an 
August 1998 wedding and advises all to stay happy, healthy, 
busy and keep exercising! 

Charlotte Brown McDowell is working as a substitute nurse 
and attended the Boston College-Syracuse University game last 

Julia Davidson Dobson has a grandson. 

Minna Golden Levin welcomed a new granddaughter in 
May, 1996. 

Congratulations to Mary Alice MacCallum Gozzi on the birth 
of her granddaughter in June 1996. 

Michele Poirier Gorman has been appointed to the Board of 
Trustees at the Marvelwood School in Kent, CT, and served as a 
panelist at Wheaton College, speaking on "investing in the 
Future" to prospective students and parents. 

Donna Purdy Roberts and Donna Miller Koryga got together 
in August 1996 for the first time in 35 years! 

Congratulations to Anita Ramirez Zayas or. the recent arrival 
of two new grandsons. 

Ronna Zucker Uhrman's two grandchildren now attend the 
nursery school where Ronna has been teaching for 33 years. 

Ann Porcaro Mucera 

6 Windsor Road, Lynnfield, MA 01940 

Carolyn Flaster Goldenberg's oldest son was married last 
October and Anne Pers Himoff attended his wedding. Carolyn 
sees Marilyn Manzke Loglisci and often travels to Washington, 
DC, as her husband works there and her sons are living in that 

Theresa Gourdeau Brown has three grandchildren and enjoys 
traveling to the Caribbean. 

Lynn LaFontaine Dixon's granddaughter is the light of her 

life. Lynn attended a reunion of high school 
friends in February '96, and was happy to be 
reacquainted with Lasell classmate Janet 
Edwards Rockwood. We were sorry to hear 
that Lynn's mother passed away in 
December 1996 and send her our 

Jane Parsons Dolbier got together with 
Lynn Kiefer Holt and Carol Healy 
McKinnon at the wedding of Linda Grean 
Curtis' son in White Plains, NY, last July, 
and looks forward to another visit with them 
and Jane Kendrigan on Cape Cod this 
coming summer. 

Marsha Shapiro Carpenter and her 
husband, Richard, have two sons and have 
been living in Virginia for 15 years. 

Our condolences go out to Linda 
Vidmark Bagley, whose husband, Paul, 
passed away on July 5, 1996, following a 
year-long battle against cancer. 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Linda Resnick Baer 

9 Columbine Drive, Nashua, NH 03063 

Members of the class of '63, Gail Crosby Trafton, June Swinimer Panuschka 
and Dotty Andler Silber at their mini-reunion in New Hampshire in 1996. 

Linda Bald Lathrop's youngest son was married in December 
1995. She and her husband, Lee, have planned an Alaskan cruise 
this August. Last October Linda went para-sailing in Aruba while 
on a cruise and found it to be a wonderful experience. 

Charlotte Bechard Healey is a legal secretary and has two 

Betsy Berlowe Webber enjoys her work as a music teacher in 
the public schools in Portland, ME. She and her husband have a 
son and daughter and Betsy would like to know: "Where are all 
the Lamplighters?" 

Muriel Bloom Bruskin hopes to make it to Reunion '97 this 

Linda Burnett Davis sends her greetings to old friends from 
Briggs House and would love to hear from Susan Young 
Boynton and Virginia Fletcher Yagovane. Linda is not working 
at the moment and is enjoying golf and traveling to visit her three 
children and two grandchildren from California to Georgia. 

Maureen Camiglia Lee has two daughters and has earned 
degrees from her community college and Springfield College. 

Nance Darrow Morin and her recently-retired husband 
enjoyed last summer with their two grandchildren and their son 
who visited from Florida. 

Mary Jane Fallona Sheehan, an attorney, is the administrator 
of an international research laboratory. Her four children are 
grown and married and she has four grandchildren. Jane travels 
frequently to visit family and she and her husband enjoy skiing, 
jogging and tennis. 

Priscilla Lane Jarman's two sons are married and the Jarmans 
have a grandson. 

Nancy Martin Phelps loves life in Tucson, AZ, where she 
enjoys hiking, biking, tennis and golf. The Phelpses still summer 
in Chatham, MA, with their four children and grandchildren. 

Patricia Gath Moessinger is retired and an active volunteer 
for her community. She is on the Board of Directors of her local 
library and civic association and a member of the town planning 
board in Ticonderoga, NY. 

Christine Green MacPhie works as a pre-school teacher. She 
loves antiques but sadly has no room for any more, having 
already filled two houses! Christine has two sons and a daughter. 

Jean Haggerty Coloutti is an assistant judge and county 
administrator in Rutland, VT. She is currently in Family and 
Superior Court with jurisdiction to preside in other areas as well. 
Jean has two sons. 

Sheilah Keil is a fundraiser at the Development Center in 
Philadelphia. She enjoys movies and theater. 

Patricia McNulty Magnotta has three children and is a 
medical receptionist. 

Carol Miller Glassman is a school-based occupational 
therapist working with traumatic brain-injured students. She has 
a keen interest in technology and in adapting it to help her 
students. Carol and her husband have three children. 

Tracy Potter Vangermeersch works with her local school 
district for the Head Start Program and in 1993 received a grant to 
start a parent library. 

Marilyn Richo Coffey works at Bank of Boston, Private Bank, 
in the charitable trust group. She has two children. 

Sally Remley Southmayd serves on several boards, including 
the Board of Overseers here at Lasell. She loves gardening, both 
here and at her home in Boothbay Harbor, ME. She and her 
husband spend three months each winter in Key Largo, FL. Sally 
manages the family real estate, helps in her husband's office and 
sings in her church choir. 

Arlene Royko O'Connor is a data processor with multiple 
work duties. She is a labor union representative and has an 
antique glass business. Other interests are photography, painting 
and card making. 

Karen Smith Grover works with high school international 
exchange students, placing, supporting and teaching them. She 
also does corporate fundraising in the Rochester, NY, area. 

Elaine Sproul Belham is involved with prison ministry and 

church activities and taught an Old Testament Survey last fall at a 
center serving senior citizens. She is a Girl Scouting volunteer and 
recently completed a course in writing for children. 

Carol Swanson Evans is an operating room R.N. and loves to 
ski and sew. She has recently taken up golf "(a very frustrating 
game.)" Carol has two children and a grandson. 


Karin Skooglund Bartow 

48 Sohier Street, Cohasset, MA 02025 

Joan Barry Lane and roommate Marjory Prezioso Delaney 

and their husbands enjoy a get-together in Jupiter, FL, ever) 

Nancy Bunn Oakes has worked at the Danville Urologic 
Clinic for nine years and is a medical records secretary for 
Piedmont Day Surgery there. 

Congratulations to Jeanne Chase Peckham on the recent birth 
of her grandson. 

Bette Cole Greene is the proud grandmother of a grandson 
and granddaughter and her favorite hobby is babysitting! She is 
coaching varsity cheerleading at Duxbury High School. 

Gail Crosby Trafton of Quincy, MA, June Swinimer 
Panuschka of Falmouth, MA, and Dorothy Andler Silber of 
Nashua, NH, recently met for a mini-reunion in New Hampshire. 
Gail has three daughters and is employed by TAC Medical as a 
management information systems specialist. June, the mother of 
one daughter, is still employed as a medical office manager at her 
very first job after graduation. Dotty, founder and president of 
Double-Oh-Seven, Ltd., a promotional products agency, has three 
children and two grandchildren. After sharing many laughs and 
tears the three "old" friends pledged to meet again before another 
30 years pass. 

Judith Firth Haggett enjoys her three grandsons and 
volunteers with Hospice and as an airline escort with Healing the 
Children. She works at a ski shop and counts photography, 
skiing, hiking and biking as hobbies. 

Karen Jacks Newman's youngest son was married last 
summer and Karen and her husband recently celebrated their 
33rd wedding anniversary. Congratulations! 

Loel Mercer Poor welcomed her second grandchild, a boy, in 
October 1996. 

Cathryn Reynolds Simpson and her roommate Lorraine 
Duffy Bobrick had dinner together in July '96. 

Miriam Robbins Kelly works as an administrative assistant. 
She and her husband, Jack, have three children and four 

Patricia Ryan Cantin has been working at the Rockwell Child 
Study Center here at Lasell since 1985. 

Judith Adelson Wein still sees her Lasell roommate, Felice 
Goldman Resko each year when 'Peachie" visits Florida. 
Congratulations to the Wcins who celebrated their 30th 
anniversary in November '96. Tney have two children. 

Penny Brewster and Punch Martyn visited Lee Dunstane 
Vandermark and her family in Portsmouth, NH, and enjoyed 
Lee's wonderful guided tours. 

Last September Vivien Ash Gallagher and her husband, Jeff, 
toured the West Country of England with Patricia Perry Polidor's 
Strictly Britain and found Patty's tour to be first rate. A huge 
"thank you" to Vivien, who held a wonderful second annual 
Lasell fall gathering at her home in Silver Spring, MD, last 
October. Classmates attending included Gail Perlin Rubinstein 
and Beverly Landros Bley. 

Carol Bradley Sullivan enjoyed a wonderful visit from 
Marsha Keyes Tucker and her husband, John, last November. 
Although Carol loves living in Raleigh, NC, she misses her 
northern friends. 

Class Notes 


Susan Coster Malsin loves living in St. Michaels, MD, and 
takes full advantage of being on the water. She's enjoyed a couple 
of visits with Lasell roommate "Sam." 

Arlene Ferreira Rego has been running the family liquor store 
and, although it takes most of her time, tries to sneak away to 
Florida twice a year to visit her son who was married there last 

Susan Humphreys Klein is the chief financial officer for the 
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. 

Congratulations to Karen LaRochelle Baker who received her 
master's in education in 1996. She is working with seventh 
graders as the inclusion /specialist on a six- teacher team. 

Susan Mills Armstrong and her husband run their jewelry 
business in Bennington, VT, and in the spring of 1996 enjoyed 
both their son's graduation from college and their daughter's 

Jane Pearson Varley enjoys reading Lasell Leaves and has 
many beautiful memories of Lasell — "even freezing knees as we 
trudged up to the castle in our denim skirts and knee socks 
times have changed from when no pants were allowed." Jane is 
teaching elementary education in Longwood, FL, and thoroughly 
enjoys the excitement and creativity of this wonderful profession. 

Patricia Perry Polidor still keeps in touch with Joan Keefe 
Feloney, Ruth DeWitt Ghia and Joy Raymond Carey. Pat is 
looking forward to Reunion 1999 and enjoyed having Vivien Ash 
Gallagher and her husband, Jeff, on her Jane Austen's England 
tour last September. 

Linda Salvati Ladd runs her floral design business, Petals & 
Posies, in Belmont, MA, and is serving as chairman of "Art in 
Bloom 1997" at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. 

We send our condolences to Marsha Keyes Tucker on the 
death of her mother. 


Linda Foster Nixon 

P.O. Box 662, Chatham, MA 02633-0662 

Susan Layng Bogle 

11605 S.W. 103rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33176 

Sheryl Chapman Rammer's daughter included Lasell on her 
list of colleges to consider this year — Sheryl can hardly believe 
she's old enough! (Many share that feeling, no doubt!). 

Susan Dangel Rabin and her husband, Steve, have two 
children and recently celebrated their 25th anniversary by taking 
a trip to Rome, Florence and Venice. Susan recently changed jobs 
and finds her current work for four psychiatrists to be a real 

Deborah DeStaebler MacGowan moved to Palm Beach 
Gardens, FL, in April 1996. She isn't retired and would love to 
hear from friends in the area. 

As she approaches retirement Marijayne Dizenzo Jensvold is 
investigating new careers. 

Kathy Goulder Plante is serving as president of the American 
Society of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and has 
traveled extensively for them, including trips last fall to Germany 
and Hungary and a planned spring trip to England. Kathy had 
dinner in Washington, DC, last spring with former roommate 
Marijayne Dizenzo Jensvold. 

Eleanor Lamson Brewster is a child care worker with three- 
year-olds and has three grandchildren. 

Congratulations to Rhoda Eloise LeMay on the birth in March 
1996 of her grandson. 

Sandra Perkins Jones has moved into the presidency of the 
General Federation of Women's Clubs in New Hampshire. 

Dorothy Searles Woods has recently moved into a new home. 
She is the mother of Natalie Woods Howe '91 and has two 

Ellen Sweeney Fox traveled to Paris, Austria and Italy last 
June with her mother and sister and visited Ellen's daughter who 
was studying hear Florence. Ellen and her husband, Ted, have an 
empty nest and are ready for the next chapter in their lives. 

Diane Yacovone Aurigemma is enjoying her Russian-bom, 
adopted four-year-old son. 

Sue Bratenas Gannon 

4 Gloria Lane, North Reading, MA 01864 

Faye Gorfinkle Stoller 

112 Bittersweet Lane, Randolph, MA 02368 

After over 25 years in corporate America, Sharon LeVan has 
started her own consulting business in marketing and product 
development and reports that she's having more fun than ever 

Congratulations to Jeanne Orsi Froelich on the birth of her 
first grandchild, a baby boy. 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Kathryn Morgan Lucey 

165 Concord Street, Newton Lower Falls, MA 02162 

seeing old and new friends. 

Elspeth Anderson Blauvelt enjoys her two daughters, her 
home and her job as a regional sales trainer for Wyeth-Ayerst 

Susan Baxter Brown has been working at the Kennedy Space 
Center since Lasell graduation. She is manager of logistics for her 
company, United States Alliance, which processes the space 
shuttles for launch. Susan is also busy with planning her 
daughter's wedding this June. 

Virginia Beecher, a veteran of over 27 years with the New 
Hampshire Department of Safety and a former Assistant to the 
Commissioner for more than 23 years, was appointed Director of 
Motor Vehicles in January 1995, and, last July, was elected to the 
position of President of Region 1 during the annual jurisdiction 
meeting of the American Association of Motor Vehicle 
Administrators. Congratulations, Virginia! 

Nancy Begg has two children and is a product manager for 
Dexter Nonwovens. 

Carolyn Cunningham Nell is a school social worker and the 
mother of two. 

Donna Garrow Johnson's work as Administrator of 
Counseling Services and co-leader of the Jenks Leadership Group 
at Boston College keeps her busy, sane and up-to-date with 
today's "X" generation. She has two children and enjoys taking 
classes to keep the grey matter functioning. 

Susan Halewood Crosby's daughter has applied to Lasell for 
September 1997. 

Judith Hopkins Lake and her husband, Peter, are both 
involved in Christian education. They have three sons and keep 
very busy with school and church activities. 

Carole Howe teaches at the University of Wisconsin and is a 
full-time doctoral student. She studies t'ai chi, is interested in 
maternal postpartum adaptation and mentors a six-year-old for 
Project Access. 

Ann Hudson North and her husband have entered into a new 
phase of their lives together since both their children were 
married in 1996. 

Bonnie Kamerdiner Marsano started her own advertising 
agency in 1994 and she and her husband, Jim, spend time 
traveling and gardening. 

Christine Kinney McCann and her husband have moved to 
Washington state. "All very new for us, but exciting!" 

Janet McGuckian O'Toole and her family, including three 
children, migrated to Australia in 1992. They love the country, 
people andlifestyle and live about 900 kilometers north of Perth, 
just south of the Tropic of Capricorn, in a lovely oceanside town. 
Janet would love to have a visit from anyone traveling her way. 

Gail Mooz Hoffman has clipped her wings for good with the 
airline industry and is now the dessert and pastry chef at "The 
Rosa" in Portsmouth, NH. She invites all to "come and enjoy!" 

Elaine Pierce Kurau works the state of Florida for a 
Miami/Dallas manufacturer and covers the southeast with 
brokers. She loves to hunt for antique tools, attend art shows and 

Marilea Robbins Nelson works in customer service for the 
Ethan Allen Company. She has two children, loves to walk, ski 
and travel and enjoyed a cruise last fall to Turkey, Greece and 

Jane Sherwin Greenslit is working at Granite Bank in New 
Hampshire. Her daughter was married last October. 

Susan Swanson is very involved with her community and 
belongs to numerous professional, patriotic and charity 
organizations, as well as with her community theater, which does 
three productions each year, mostly musicals. 

Ellen Wagner Call has biked in many countries of Europe and 
does many fundraising bike rides for different 
organizations, including the American Lung 
Association, diabetes and AIDS. 

Elizabeth Webb Cheney sings with a women's a 
cappella choir and does circle dancing. She works with 
a college task force against homophobia and with a 
town committee on youth at risk. Both projects are for 
her education master's degree in developing programs 
for parents of gay youth. 


Susann Aheam Costa works as bookkeeper for her family's 
small grocery business in Essex, CT. She enjoys traveling and 

Judith Fellows Skehan 

P.O. Box 422, Hallowell, ME 04347-0422 

Laura Druker Simonds is working on finishing her 
bachelor's degree. She and her husband have two 
daughters and traveled to Hawaii last October. 

Edith Hogsett Whitney is delighted to share the 
news that her husband is doing just great after his 
heart surgery last year. 

Judith Lipkins Ness and her husband, Stephen, 
will celebrate their 25th anniversary in March, 1997. 
Their daughter is a college sophomore and all are 
healthy and well. 

Mary Lou Rossano-Collier volunteers in her son's 
kindergarten class. She and her husband have been 
very busy attempting to convert an abandoned 
nursing home to a historic building in keeping with 
the residential character of their neighborhood in 
Arlington, MA. 

When Chieko Sasaki Sagiike and her husband, 

Jerry, were in the Boston area last November they visited Lasell 
— Chieko's first return to campus since graduation. The 
following day while in New York City the Sagiikes had a 
wonderful dinner reunion with Louise Sellon Newhart and her 
husband, Chase. 

Congratulations to Janice Taylor Perruzzi and her husband 
who recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They 
have two children. 


Mary Ann Mitchell Beaver 

80 Carriage Drive, South Windsor, CT 06074 

Eugenie Alexiou Trefz is working as a substitute teacher, 
enjoying family, friends and "stopping to smell the roses." 
Eugenie encourages all alums to attend Reunions, and so do we! 

Ronna Blumenthal works at the California School of 
Professional Psychology with students in the doctoral program 
helping place them in field work assignments. She is busy raising 
her four-year-old daughter. 

Linda Brooks Golden has two sons — one a college senior and 
the younger a high school sophomore. 

Mary Beth Clark Mollica is the mother of two college 

Kathleen Cooper McElroy sells real estate and works as a 
junior tax accountant. She has three children. 

Joyce Goldstein Brink's daughter will graduate college this 

Shelly Gray Krug is busy with her real estate, tennis, aerobics 
and frequent vacations. She has a son and a daughter. 

Susan Hulton Curtis and her partner have recently opened a 
new store in Bristol, RI, called "Paper Packaging and Panache" 
where they sell cards (some of which Susan makes), stationery, 
wrappings and gifts. Susan, whose two sons are in college, loves 
her new adventure. She and her husband, Cliff, celebrated their 
25th anniversary last year. Congratulations! 

Marie Fratoni moved to Atlanta in 1994 and is working as a 
success coach. She is in a top leadership position with the 
People's Networkshop — a satellite television company based in 
Dallas, TX. 

Linda Lione Brown is interested in starting a Lasell alumnae 
club in Atlanta and would love to hear from Deborah Lewis 
Vanderzell and Susan Judd Griswold. 

Congratulations to Linda Luskin Towne on the birth of her 
first grandchild — a baby boy. 

Barbara McTiernan Isabella's son graduated college in May 

Janice Newberg Cartin has two sons — one a recent college 
graduate and the other about to assume responsibility for the 
family business. 

Linda Satterfield and her husband, Oliver White, recently 
purchased a small office building in Raleigh, NC, and moved 
their advertising and design business (White and Satterfield) 

Leah Smith Schneier keeps in touch with Nancy Goldenberg 
Rodgers and Peggy Salzer LoCastro. Leah and her husband 
traveled to Africa last summer. 


Constance Farley Whittall 
Long Hill, Rowley, MA 01969 

Linda Campbell Seek's son and daughter will both be college 
students this fall. 

Jerry and Chieko Sasaki Sagiike '68 and Louise Sellon Newhart '68 
and her husband, Chase. A happy reunion in New York City when 
Jerry and Chieko, who live in Tokyo, were in the states in 
November. They also visited Lasell — Chieko's first time back on 
campus since graduation. 


Class Notes 

Valerie Resnick Steinberg plans a move in 1997 to 
Scottsdale, AZ. 

We were saddened in January by the death of Stanley 
Shurtleff, lather of Elizabeth Shurtleff Winter, Lasell's Vice 
President of Business and Finance. 


Susan Johnson Roach 

182 Curtis Raid, Middlebury, CT 06762 

Congratulations to Lorna Chambers Andrade who has been 
honored bv the Massachusetts Teacher's Association with their 
1996 Annual Human and Civil Rights Award. The award cited 
Dr. Andrade's outstanding leadership, her mentorship of young 
adults and children and her active role in raising scholarship 

Mary Hobler Hyson exhibited a selection of her photographs 
at the Cheshire (CT) Public Library in February. 

Deborah Moss Barron and her husband, Ken, are delighted to 
have their three daughters in the Boston area this year. The 
Barrens fell in love with Bermuda and made three visits there last 
summer. Debbie writes short stories and is making slow progress 
on her first novel. 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Diane Henault-Tosi 

39 Ladds Way, Scituate, MA 02066-1901 

Elizabeth Andrews Haidet has been living in Wisconsin for 
eight years with her husband and son. They have two lakeside 
homes on different lakes and Beth enjoys her Mary Kay 
Cosmetics job and travel. 

Cynthia Barshov Mandile has three children and is a 
guidance counselor for grades 7-12. She is involved in 
coordinating school-to-career experiences and teaches personal 
growth cooperative learning activities in groups. 

Suzette Boshers Jefferson received her bachelor's degree 
from the University of Lowell in 1988 and a master's degree in 
library science from Simmons College in 1992. Sue has a daughter 
and works as a librarian. 

Jacqueline Cole Cooper has three children and has been 
working with her husband for a number of years in their electrical 
sales business. 

Paula Dinecco Morthanos is a customer support/marketing 
consultant and shares the thought that "twenty-five years of 
spiritual contemplation has taught me the most important thing 
one can leam in life is to enjoy its fundamental pleasures of good 
health, good friends, good wine, good food, good music and pet 

Anne Allen has two children and is often involved in various 
political campaigns in Maine. 

Mary Ettari is director of a clinic providing occupational 
health services to her local business community and is active in 
national and state physician assistant organizations. 

Diane Henault-Tosi is self-employed and with her husband 
runs an import/wholesale business. Diane also teaches wine 
education programs at Cambridge Center for Adult Education. 

Nancy Inman Becker teaches a GED class to low income 
adults and finds it very fulfilling. 

Carolyn Kamps Sullivan is a travel agent at Clark Travel in 
Whitehouse, NJ. Carolyn was widowed in 1994 and has a son and 

Gail Kaufman Furgal is director of creative services at AA 
Advertising Design in New York City and is busy with work and 
two sons. 

Linda Kellogg Glover has a studio in Carmel, C A, where she 
has her own business making custom quilts. She balances this 
with part-time work as a design consultant at Calico Corners. 
Linda has two children. 

Wendy Kitchen Spruiell has two little girls and hopes to 
attend Reunion. 

Nancy Kopel has been working at the New England Journal 
of Medicine for 15 years. She has recently moved to Waltham and 
keeps in touch with Judy Taub Gundling and Nancy Owen 
Radack '73. 

Dorothy Macomber Herbert has been a substitute school 
nurse for two years. She took the New York state school nurses' 
course last summer and came away with a new outlook on school 
nursing. Dorothy hopes to apply for a full-time slot this year. 

Jude McMahon Rowe has been living in California for 10 
years. She takes art classes, works at the school her two children 
attend and does Hospice volunteer work. 

Sandra Manning Lupoli is a self-employed private duty 
nurse. Sandra is a watercolorist and she and her family, including 
three children, enjoy motor home traveling and camping. 

Lynn Munson Cashman lives in County Cork, Ireland. She 
has three children and enjoys golf, tennis, gardening and 
volunteer work with the poor elderly population. 

Barbara McCabe Faulkner has four children and is planning 
to attend Reunion. 

Katherine Pirrone Johnson has been director of nursing at 
Coquina Center Genesis Eldercare in Ormond Beach, FL, for eight 
years. Since their move to Florida she and her husband have 
taken up scuba diving and boating. They have one daughter. 

Carolyn Read Fretz is living in the Boston area for the first 
time since she graduated from Lasell and is working as assistant 
opinion editor at the Middlesex News in Framingham, MA. 

Pamela Ross Dunham is busy as a professional volunteer, 
including work as chairman of her son's Boy Scout troop, as a 
Junior Girl Scout leader for her daughter's troop and with her 
church youth group. 

After working 18 years as a critical care nurse, Lynn 
Wanamaker Dreiling is a housewife and mother of three. Her 
hobbies include reading, exercising and playing with her two 
dogs, parrot and cat. 

Deborah Wells Nunes' family has moved to Royalston, MA, 
where she is a part-time church organist. 



Lorraine Woodman-Patti 

128 Ball Hill Road, Berlin, MA 01503 

Carol Feinstein Beitcher is living in Santa Monica, CA, with 
her husband, four children, two dogs and one cat and sends her 
regards to all classmates. 

Nina Lentini Norman is the Online Editor of Iowa City 
Magazine. She and her husband, Richard, have two daughters 
and all are enjoying the "slower relative-lack-of-stress-life" in 

Nancy McKeagney Votto is working at Yale School of 
Medicine in pediatric research. She has three children — in 
college, high school and junior high. 

Congratulations to Nancy Everett Rossini who was awarded 
a master's degree in education from Cambridge College. Nancy 
has been a teacher in the Medway, MA, public schools since 1988. 


Sharon Cowles Kroker 

76 Afterglow Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044-5120 

Helen Callinan Gettman and her husband, Kurt, are living in 
San Rafael, CA, where, after 21 years in the legal secretarial field, 
Helen has opened a massage therapy studio and is going back to 
school to pursue her undergraduate degree in psychology. 

Linette Bowers is the owner of Linette's Golden Needle 
seamstress shop in Suitland, MD. She is active in her church and a 
substitute teacher for kindergartners. 

After being at home for 13 years with two daughters, Susan 
Shaw Allen has recently accepted a position as a medical staff 
secretary at Marlboro Hospital in Massachusetts. 

Candee Thomas Siracusa would be interested in planning a 
reunion with '73-74 Karandon House alums. 

Susan Wickham and her husband, Tobey Ross, are enjoying 
raising their baby son. Susan has returned to part-time work. Last 
summer she had a great visit with her Lasell roommate, Kathy 
Tedeschi Attardo and family. 


Pamela Brigham Lippincott 

55 John Scott Boulevard, Norton, MA 02766 

Adoree Kapopoulos McGillvary 

32 Shallow Pond Lane, East Falmouth, MA 02536 

Laura Kaplan Ouellet works part-time as a medical assistant 
for the Spence Center in Wellesley, MA, which specializes in 
women's health care. She has a son and sends greetings to 

Shelly Lunt is attending Maine Maritime Academy where she 
is studying small vessel operations. 

Catherine Nuzzo Stanczyk has three children and sends 
greetings to Joan Smith Rossi, Laura Kaplan Ouellet and Lois 
Lubinski Rutter. 

Lynda Sweeney Horsley has three children and is attending 
Rivier College to earn her nursing degree. 

Sandra Waradzin Gardner sent us word of a recent and fun 
mini-reunion with fellow nursing grads Lois Schoonmaker, 
Cheryl Dunham Timulty, Patricia Rockwood Doyle and Lois 
Lubinski Rutter. 


Rosemary Balberchak Koenig 

962 West Roxbury Parkway, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 

Debra Alperin Cameron would love to hear from "Abby and 
Karen." She has three children and keeps very busy with her 
daughters' competitive figure skating. 

Susan Cusolito Serra has been married for five years and 
lives in Acushnet, MA. 

Julia Davis Butters of Thousand Oaks, CA, met Dianne 
Marple Manson '67 in the course of her business. 

Carla Keegan Palma works as a financial analyst and is busy 
with her two children. 

Lynn Kershaw Smith lives in Windsor Locks, CT, and has 
four children. 

Thelma Perry Hill has two daughters and a grandson. 

MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Kathleen Finnegan 

22 Patricia Lane, Darien, CT 06820 

Margaret Benoit Sapia has been at home with her two sons 
for nine years. Now that they are in school she plans to learn to 
play the piano and nurture herself and relationships with her 
husband and children. 

Theresa Canavan Loe was married in September 1995 and is 
living in Texas where she works as a home health nurse. 

Mary Crotty Gaf fey is the mother of five: four girls and a boy. 

Patricia Fletcher Murphy is in the process of adopting a child 
from Russia. 

Janet Guertin Daigle enjoys traveling to the Caribbean and 
Mexico and is a perennial gardener. 

Susan Hecht Sampson has three children and is involved 
with pediatric nursing, most recently with a pediatric renal 

Elizabeth Kirkendall Hotz is at home with her two daughters 
and living the busy, active life of stay-at-home-moms in Florida. 

Kristin Mackay would like very much to be in contact with 
the 16 community mental health graduates from the class of '77 
for this year's 20th Reunion. The Alumnae Office will be glad to 
put you in touch. 

Lorrie Marti Schell has a three-year-old son and works part- 
time four days a week as an advertising associate. 

Lynne Pantaleo-Congdon is balancing motherhood and a 
career. She has three children and loves her work as a psychiatric 
nurse and advocate for those unable to advocate for themselves. 

Cynthia Pinkham Nika's full-time job and greatest interest is 
caring for her four-year-old son. She enjoys gardening, traveling 
and photography. 

After raising her two children for 10 years Elizabeth Pynchon 
Warner has returned to work full-time. 

Carol Richards Kingman and her husband, Bob, have three 
children. The Kingmans began dating while Carol was attending 

Karen Sandstrom Ellis is majoring in elementary education at 
Wilmington College and hopes to graduate in the spring of 1998. 
She finds attending school at this age to be much more difficult 
than it was when she attended Lasell at 18. Karen has a daughter 
and a son. 

Patricia Scott Tomasetti is working as a dental hygienist. 

Norma Silverstein Freeman has two children and writes 
"Ottawa is beautiful! Come visit!" 

Pamela Smith is a karate instructor and has a black belt. She is 
also a gold medal figure skating instructor. 


Sylvia Allen Hazard 

108 East Broadway #D, Milford, CT 06460-6143 

Mary Ann Templeton Murray 

111 Tanner Street, Manchester, CT 06040 

Sharon Falzone Betti and her husband, Steven, have been 
married for 17 years and have two sons. 

Bernadette Flynn Christian has completed a program to 
become an activities director at nursing homes or rehab centers. 
She and her husband, Leo, have two children. 

Cynthia Haggblom Maressa started a new job last fall as a 
nursery school teacher of four- and five-year-olds. She and her 
husband, Joe, celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary last 
summer and have three children. 

Donna Kelly-Williams has passed the ANCC exam for 
certification in pediatrics and was elected vice-chairman of the 
Cambridge Hospital MNA. 

Kathleen Mallard Mello works part-time at an urgent care 
facility for Fallon Clinic in Worcester, MA. She and her husband 
have two children. 

Mary McCord Green is taking a break from nursing and 
enjoying Tucson, AZ, where her husband is teaching. She has two 
very active children and is busy with her new home and pets. 

Megan McOsker Kempe has opened a daycare center in her 

Sally Riley Gilbert has two daughters. 

Debra Ziegler Price has two children and has returned to 
teaching in the Framingham public schools. 


Betsy De Rosa Wolfe 

5 Martha Drive, Deny, NH 03038 

Patricia Drohan 

3100 S. Manchester Street, #636, Falls Church, VA 22044 

Monica McCormick McDougall works at the Rhode Island 
Hospital as a pathology technologist specialist. 

Nancy Nelson Beals has started a business called 
Laughingraphics, a graphic design company in California which 
specializes in newsletter design. 

Marina Rowe Seitsinger and her family have moved to Texas 
and find it to be a great place. Marina continues her acting studies 
in Austin and has two children. 

Renay Scheer Sontz has been working as a hospital medical 

Class Notes 


technician for ten years. 

...■■■■. ■ 


Patricia Wells Velaj 

2 Glen Road, Greenwich, CT 06830-5717 

Dianne Carey Peterson has two sons and has recently 
completed her 10th year in the newborn intensive care unit at 
Memorial Hospital. 

Karen Hansen Yasi has a son and daughter. 

Emily Renz Barron lives in Natick, MA, and sends her 
greetings to classmates and Ken Matheson. She works in Boston 
and enjoys traveling. 

Deborah Shaw Casino has two daughters and is working as a 
registered nurse at the Kent County Hospital in Rhode Island. 

Congratulations to Stacey Smith McCauslind on the birth of 
her second daughter, whose older sister is now three. 


Karen Rabatsky Rosenthal 

141 Eastwind Drive, Manchester, NH 03104 

Cheryl Griffin Bouchard has two-year-old twin sons. 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Cynthia Osborne Jorgensen 

13 Lnwson Lane, Ridgefield, CT 06877-3956 

Sharon Ashton is president of the Alzheimer's Association of 
Western Massachusetts. 

Lisa Alden Haley has two children and has worked part-time 
in the Cumberland, RI, Public Library for 14 years. 

Renee Chisholm Patterson and her husband, Michael, live in 
Ballston Spa, NY, and have three children. 

Anne Cantadore Filippini has started a new business as a 
party consultant for Please Be Seated. She and her husband have 
a little girl. 

Lisa Cappuccilli is working as an RN at New England 
Medical Center. She has three children. 

Kathryn Dempsey McArdle conducts training sessions in 
time management, facilitation and customer service. She is 
working towards a master's degree in human resource 
management and development. 

Since graduating from Lasell Sheryl Einarson has worked for 
Spire Corporation in Bedford, MA, and last year built a new 
home in Pepperell, MA. 

Jane Foster Kressbach has three children and works in ob-gyn 
at Maine Medical Center. 

Corinne Guyett Norris is a BayBank manager in Merrimack, 
NH. Recently married, she enjoys downhill skiing. 

Lisa Harmon has adopted twin girls. 

Ann Hluska Velleca has a daughter and expected a second 
child earlier this year. 

Ellen Kanter Dorsen is a stay-at-home mother of two. 

Mary Loin Santana works part-time at Stanford University 
Hospital cardiovascular telemetry unit and is on the board of 
directors at her daughter's pre-school. She enjoys running, book 
club and volunteer work at her son's kindergarten. 

Looking forward to Reunion, Virginia Minor O'Malley has a 
daughter and son and is teaching second grade in Hampton, VA. 

Marion Newsham Stanton has four children and is working 
in hemodialysis in Lowell, MA. 

Susan Rinklin Dunne is the mother of two children and plans 
to attend Reunion. 

Congratulations to Kimberly Rowe Galli on the birth of her 
second daughter, who joins a seven-year-old sister. Kimberly has 
recently purchased a new home. 

Melinda Simensky Whitman and her husband, Larry, live in 
Natick, MA, and have a four-year-old daughter. 

Bonnie Smith Barberi moved to Italy in December, where she 
must live for one year before being permitted to work there. 

Robin Ann Tavekelian is enjoying her "whole new world" 
with five- and seven-year-old nieces. 

Katharine Walker is working for Araban Coffee Company in 
Boston as a sales representative. 


Janice Wright Moran 

10 Lauren Road, Plymouth, MA 01360 

Diana Adams is working for a homecare nursing company. 

Randy Cerel Rubenstein now has two children. 

Pell Kennedy Graves and her husband, Steve, have moved to 
Saratoga Spring, NY, and hope that any Lasell alums in that area 
this summer for the racing season will look them up. 

Lisa Mahoney purchased a house last November. 

Robin Yocum Culver has three children and was remarried 
in 1995. 

Katharine Urner, in her third year with the Lasell 
Development Office, has been promoted to Director of the Lasell 
150 Capital Campaign and Gift Planning. 


Kari Sullivan 

2 Cross Street, Essex, CT 06426-1112 

Sylvia Cormier has been named admissions liaison nurse at 
New England Sinai Hospital and Rehabilitation Center. 

Kimberlina Elwell Murray is studying for her bachelor's 
degree in education. 

Wendy-Rae Farrugia Burke is happy at home with her four 
children, a son and three daughters. 

Jane Skinner Rotondi is now a full-time mom and has started 
an at-home day care business. 

Mary Lyons Sorohan has a new job with American 
Management System, Inc. 

Laura Mix Kerr and her husband, Dave, have four sons, 
including identical twin boys born in May 1995. 

Laurie Meloni Griffiths now has two children, a son and a 

Lorraine Roy Wyman is employed at Maine Medical Center 
in Portland. 


Wendy Bloom Kelley 

5 Arch Street, Westborough, MA 01581 

Lauren Miller works at C & S Staffing Services in East 
Hartford as a human resource coordinator. She is on the executive 
board of directors of the Greater Hartford Jaycees foundation and 
is very involved with the Canon Greater Hartford open golf 

Samantha Sabo is working at the Summerlin Urgent Care in 
Las Vegas. She has a two-year-old daughter and is an active 
member of the Republican Party. 

Congratulations to Melanie Thebarge Edmondson and her 
husband, Chad, who recently welcomed their first child, a son. 
Melanie has been named controller of Villa Julie College. 

Sharon Troupe Rowell is living in Braintree with her 
three sons. 


Amy Sloane 

1301 Gilpin Avenue, 2¥, Wilmington, DE 19806 

Congratulations to Caroline Chisholm Myers who recently 
celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary. She has four children 
and is also a foster mother. 

Drawde Grant Geishecker sends thanks to all who attended 
the 10th Reunion — "It was great catching up with you." 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Cecilia Coleman 

20 Parker Avenue, Apartment 3, San Francisco, CA 94118 

Angela Bonacci-Quinn 

222 Marlborough Terrace, Fairfield, CT 06430 

Elizabeth Brewster Murray has a son and daughter. 

Congratulations to Lisa Burklund who graduated from 
Drexel University in Philadelphia with a bachelor's degree in 
science and design merchandising. She has a five-year-old 
daughter and hopes to pursue a career in the healing arts. 

Sharon Murphy is working as an executive assistant in the 
private sector of the Bank of Boston. She recently received the 
Bank's job performance award. 

Lisa Combs Nason was a special education teacher ahd is 
now at home with her baby son. 

Lisa Hawks Gillum lives in Mashpee, MA, and enjoys 
her job as a protective service case worker for Elder Services of 
Cape Cod. Lisa and her former dormmate and now neighbor, 
Pamela Sculos Belouin, recently got together with Roseanne 
Mclnerney Ross and Karen Tornesello Vasile. We'd love to have 
you all attend a Lasell Cape Cod Club event. 

With her many Lasell friends, 
bride Susan Schichlone Presti 
'88, at her July 15, 1995 

Kimberly Jamison Dalton is working on bone marrow 
transplants at Emory University. A newly-wed (please see Nota 
Bene), she and her husband have bought a new home. 

Christina Lopes-Orszulak's job in electronic commerce 
focuses on the electronic data interchange of documents. Recently 
married, she and her husband live near their families and intend 
to break ground for the building of their home this spring. 

Lee Ann Mattucci Stephens is having a great time raising her 
daughter and is living temporarily in Beach Haven, NJ. 

Rosanne Mclnerney Ross is an account executive with 
Praegitzer Industries. 

Julie Tichon Kelly is the mother of three-year-old twins — a 
girl and a boy. 

Karen Tornesello Vasile and her husband have a son and a 
daughter and Karen babysits full-time. 


Debra Sansone 

27-2 Lincoln Road, Newton, MA 02158 

Wendy Gromko 

1202 Druid Knoll Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319 

Molly Brookman Perotto lives in Boise, ID, and writes real 
estate appraisals for a small firm. She graduated from the 
University of Maine in 1992 with a degree in literature and 
creative writing. 

Teresa Dunn is building a new home in Littleton, MA. 

Susan Scichilone Presti has been working here at Lasell for 
seven years and is also on the Alumnae Association's Board of 
Management. She and her husband, Joseph, have a daughter. 

Cheryl Vance Brayman and her husband are buying a new 
home in Waitsfield, VT. Cheryl is studying elementary education 
at Johnson State College. 


Georgia Moran Livziey 

205 G Street, 2R, Turners Falls, MA 01376-1033 

Annemarie Graziano Caloggero 

7 White Avenue, Maynard, MA 01754 

Pamela Andrews-Zani is living in Boston and working as a 

Banana is healthy and happy, owns her own business and 
hopes to move back to Boston soon. 

Jennifer Carr Bicknell is teaching second grade. She and her 
husband built a home in Londonderry, NH, in 1995. 

Michelle Forget White earned her bachelor's degree in 
business management from Lasell in May 1995 and gave birth to a 
baby girl in July 1995. After six years of employment at Lasell, 
Michelle and her husband, Greg, resigned from their resident 
director/coordinator position in May 1996 and now live in New 

Sharon Reutlinger is a staffing resource specialist with 
Personnel Connection Staffing Company. 


Jennifer Egan 

P.O. Box 514, Canada Lakes, NY 12034 

Christie Cornwell is in graduate school at Tufts University. 


Natalie Woods Howe 

33 Orris Street, Aubumdale, MA 02166 

Leslie Batista Duplessis lives with her husband, Brian and 
one-year-old son, in Manchester, NH, where they have purchased 
a home. 


Class Notes 

Sherri Schichilone Collins with husband, Kevin, and their wedding party, 
October 2, 1994. 

As she is planning her wedding, Ban Schwartz would love to 
hear from old friends. Please contact the Alumnae Office and 
we will be glad to share her new address and telephone number 
with you. 


MAY 30-JUNE 1,1997 

Stormy Horton Bell 

294 South Washington Ave., #79, Bergenfield, N] 07621 

Michelle Strathie 

P.O. Box 719, Orleans, MA 02653 

Nancy DeCamp Gillis is working in the loan department at 
Marblehead Savings Bank. 

Before taking maternity leave Jodi Flanders Josephs taught 
four- and five-year-olds at the Sandwich Community School 
Child Care Center on Cape Cod. Congratulations to Jodi who is 
now the mother of a baby girl. 

Stormy Horton Bell is a managed care coordinator at Clinical 
Diagnostic Services in Englewood, NJ. She attended the 75th 
Anniversary Awards Dinner of the White House News 
Photographers Association in Washington, DC, last May, where 
Vice President and Mrs. Gore were the honored guests. In July 
she traveled to Tokyo to sightsee and attend the wedding of 
Hiroko Yamada Shimozaki '94. Lasell alums Natsue Hasegawa 
'93 and Izumi Kikuchi '93 also attended. Stormy and her 
husband, Brian, visited Atlanta for the Summer Olympic Games 
last summer. 

JoAnne Padula Founder is a daycare teacher at the Children's 
Place in Waltham. She and her husband, David, purchased a 
home in 1995 and Jo enjoys gardening and working on the house. 

Susan Parrish works in the customer service department of 
Donna Karan Company in New Jersey, dealing with account 
executives and making sure all orders get processed and to the 
end consumer. 

Carolyn Piccolino is executive secretary at Sears, Roebuck & 
Co. She and her fiance built a new home. 

Kirstin Riikonen received her master's degree in family 
studies and is currently a preschool teacher at Needham 
Children's Center. 

Karyn Amy Sands Grace earned her master's in education 
from Lesley College and is teaching in Cambridge as a learning 
disability specialist. 

Sherri Scichilone Collins and her husband, Kevin, own their 
home in Cranston, RI. They have one daughter. 

Jill Sinibaldi Araujo is the Observatory supervisor at the 
John Hancock Observatory in Boston. 

We are grateful to Yoko Taguchi for co-hosting the November 
interviews of prospective Lasell applicants in Tokyo. She is with 
the International Tourism Center of Japan and serves as chief 
researcher of the ANTOR-Japan Secretariat sponsored by the 
Association of National Tourist Organizations. 


Gayle Lucido Movalli 

115 Centennial Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930 

Kelly Becker Byrne is the director of sales for Residence Inn 
by Marriott in Tinton Falls, NJ. 

Wendy Busch is teaching kindergarten at a private school in 
New Jersey. 

Cindy DiRienzo is working in Boston as an assistant 
marketing manager for Massport and has purchased a home in 
Brookline, NH. 

Momoko Gonohe received her bachelor's degree in French 
from the University of Paris and is now working in Tokyo for a 
company representing the overseas activity of the Postal Ministry. 
Her travels have taken her to Germany, France, Portugal, the 
Netherlands and most recently to Kansas. 

Kai-An Hsiao has joined the staff of the State Street Bank in 
Taipei and will be spending her first year in Brisbane, Australia, 
on assignment. She recently represented Lasell at a major college 
fair in Taipei and generated more than 75 inquiries from 

interested students. Many thanks. 

We are grateful to laumi Kikuchi who co- 
hosted the November interviews of prospective 
applicants in Tokyo. She is with the Planning 
Group, Customer Service Department of 
International Digital Communications, Inc. 

Andrea Kneeland was maid-of-honor for 
classmate Kristin Clisham in June 1996 

Lauren Hache is the co-director of sales at 
the Sheraton Inn in Lowell, MA. 

Tany Heuer Boulger owns The Apple Tree 
Academy Preschool in Norwood, MA, where 
she is also the director and teaches. 

Noriko Kamiyama Nishizawa is working 
toward a master's degree in international affairs 
at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Congratulations to Darcy Langevin who 
recently received her BS in biology from 
Westfield State College. She is working at 
Mason Laboratories in Worcester. 

Lisa Merullo is working toward her master's 
degree in special education at Framingham State 
College and works part-time as a pre-school teacher in the Natick 
Public Schools. 

Elizabeth Osgood has been teaching the kinesiology lab 
for the physical therapy assistant program here at Lasell since fall 

After earning her master's degree in social work at Boston 
College, Tracey Provost now is a forensic social worker doing 
court ordered psychiatric evaluations on juveniles at the Justice 
Resource Institute. 

Melissa Wright is a staff accountant for a property 
management company in Westwood, MA. 

Maria Zurzolo works on event production at Intermedia 
Services, Inc., in Watertown, MA. 



Kristine Bell 

21 Lexington Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you, Kristine, for all the current 
information you provided on your classmates — you're a great 
class agent! 

Gina Aloisi is a student at Suffolk University where she is 
studying higher education administration. 

Kristine Bell is enrolled at Suffolk University where she is 
working part-time on a master's in higher education 

Jessica Bouvier attends University of Rhode Island and hopes 
to earn a bachelor's in human services in May. 

Kathleen Cunnif f e is a mental health counselor in adolescent 
treatment at Bournewood Hospital in Brookline. 

Shauneen DiCarlo is the department manager of fashion 
jewelry/accessories at Neiman Marcus in Boston. 

Marie Eugene is currently studying for the GMAT as she 
prepares to attend graduate school. 

Shirley Fan is director of the legal advocacy program at The 
Support Committee for Battered Women, a non-profit human 
services organization in Waltham. 

Sharon Feeney is a pre-school teacher in Waltham. 

After teaching pre-school for two years, Melissa Fullerton is 
now enjoying her life as a full-time nanny. 

Jacqueline Hoffman is with Work Opportunities Unlimited in 
Manchester, NH, 
where she finds 
employment for 
adults with 

Penney Hussels 
is currently working 
at Chadwicks and 
hopes to start 
graduate school in 

Kotsifas has recently 
moved to Vermont, 
where she is a design 
consultant and 
saleswoman for 
Clear Lake Furniture 
in Ludlow. 

Jennifer Leary is 
working as a 
physical therapy 
assistant on the 
pediatric unit at 
Hospital and is 
planning an April 
1997 wedding. 

Jennifer Long 
loves working at 
Digital Consulting 
where she is a 

processing coordinator. 

Laura Melillo is an assistant office manager at the Bostonian 
Hotel in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston. 

Jennifer Mullin is the student activities director at the College 
of St. Joseph in Rutland, VT. 

Kari Nesgoda is the director of a middle school program for 
inner city youth and is planning a September wedding. 

Jennifer Quimby is the manager at MC. Galleria on Newbury 
Street in Boston. She recently purchased a car and condo and is 
planning her September wedding. 

Marie Sackett is about to receive her bachelor's degree from 
Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. She has majored in 
political science and social change and is very involved in the 
activist community. Marie would love to hear from classmates. 
(Please call the Alumnae office and we will be happy to give you 
her new address). 

Carrie Warner is working towards her teaching certificate in 
secondary math at Trinity College in Vermont. 

Laura Wolcott is working as a hearing consultant for Miracle 
Ear in Waterbury, CT. 


Carrie Lempke 

705 Skipwith Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Deborah Lestch 

9 Edgebrook Lane, Monsey, NY 10952 

Kerry Brody, an assistant buyer for Filene's Basement jewelry 
and watch department, would like friends and classmates to 
know that she has a new address. (Please call the Alumnae Office 
and we will be glad to share it with you.) 

Michelle Heaton is now working as a PTA at United 
Rehabilitation Network and at Milton Health Nursing Home in 

Karen Humphrey is studying full-time at Northeastern 
University to earn her master's degree in college student 
development and counseling, and is a resident director at 
Emmanuel College. 

Stacey Kelley is working here at Lasell as an assistant in the 
Business Office. 

Congratulations to Carrie Lempke who has been promoted to 
marketing research coordinator/express salesman at the Omni 
Waterside Hotel in Norfolk, VA. Carrie currently resides in 
Virginia Beach. 

Deborah Lestch is working toward her master's in elementary 
education at Long Island University. 

Pamela Martin is the pre-school director at Fidelity House in 
Arlington, MA. 

Tracy McDonald hopes to earn her master's degree in May. 

Yuki Mitsuma has completed her degree requirements for a 
master of arts degree from New York University. 

Margaret Ryder is working as a medical secretary in 
Wellesley and hopes to work in financial aid. 

Kazumi Ueda represented Lasell at the College Fair in Tokyo 
sponsored by the Fulbright office. A current Lasell student, Junko 
Kanda '97, provided similar support and the College is grateful to 
both for their commitment. 

Lisa Wallat earned her master's degree in education at 
Framingham State and is the head teacher at Burr Cooperative 
Nursery School here in Newton. 

Darcy White works at the Omni Parker House Hotel in 

Pictured above are members of the Young Alumnae Club who attended a casual gathering at the 

Cambridge Brewing Company in September. The next activity is a Boston Harbor cruise 

on the Spirit of Boston on Friday, June 27, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. Other young alumni from 

Bridgewater State College, Dean College, Endicott College, and Newbury College -v 

will be joining us on our private third level deck for light hors 

d' oeuvres, a cash bar, and dancing. This is a great way to see old friends, meet 

other young alumni from area colleges (those who graduated in the '80s and 

'90s) and to network while cruising Boston Harbor. Admission, $19 per 

person. Guests are welcome. Invitations will be mailed in early May. 


Class Notes 



Ann Sterner '68, to Michael Tyler, on February 26, 1996 
Helen Callinan '74, to Kurt Gettman, on September 7, 1996 
Theresa Canavan Loe '77, on September 5, 1995 
Megan McOsker '78, to Will Kempe, on June 15, 1995 
Corinne Guyett '82, to Gregory Norris, on October 13, 1996 
Jill Calvi x'83, to Edward Goddard, on May 11, 1996 
Roberta Knapp, '83, to Robert Spurgeon, on Nov. 30, 1996 
Penny Sakellarios '83, to Christopher Stamas, on May 26, 1996 
Marion Williams '83, to Bruce Bennett, on November 2, 1996 
Lorraine Roy '84, to Shawn Wyman, on September 2, 1994 
Susan Wood '86, to Christopher Karpenko, on May 4, 1996 
Kimberly Jamison '87, to Michael Dalton, on Dec. 29, 1995 
Christina Lopes '87, to Paul Orszulak, on January 6, 1996 
Molly Brookman '88, to Eric Perotto, in May 1996 
Susan Scichilone '88/'94, to S. Joseph Presti, on July 15, 1995 
Pamela Andrews '89, to Thomas Zani, on Sept. 29, 1996 
Laura Coppa '90, to Joseph Connell, on July 6, 1996 
Joette Edwards '90, to Michael McCawley, on June 17, 1995 
Jill Zimmer '90, to John McNamara, on November 9, 1996 
Deborah Zarta '90, to Mr. Gier, in October 1995. 
Nancy DeCamp '92, to Neil Gillis, on June 29, 1996 
Lynda Hester '92, to Christopher Canal, on April 13, 1996 
Sherri Scichilone '92, to Kevin Collins, on October 2, 1994 
Kelly Becker '93, to Stephen Byrne, on October 12, 1996 
Kristin Clisham '93, to Daniel Faivre, on June 15, 1996 
Karen Citron '94, to Andrew Amott, in 1996 
Susan Mainieri '94, to Jeff Cousino, in September 1995 
Bonnie O'Brien '94, to Gregory Petitt, on August 5, 1995 
Hiroko Yamada '94, to Koji Shimozaki, on July 13, 1996 
Crystal Olson '95, to Michael Petz, on October 28, 1995 


Patricia Scott Tomasetti '77, a son, Andrew, on Oct. 13, 1995 
Shari Wallet Most '79, a daughter, Danielle, on Sept. 21, 1996 
Susan von Glahn Lorenti '80, a daughter, Michelle, on 
December 1, 1995 

Stacey Smith McCauslind '80, a daughter, Ashley, on 
April 24, 1996 

Leslie Connor Conners '81, a son, Patrick Robert, on 

November 17, 1996 
Karen Rabatsky Rosenthal '81, a son, Matthew Howard, 

on February 1, 1996 

Jeanne Boeggeman '83, a daughter, Michelle Turcious, 
on April 5, 1996 

Mary Lyons Sorohan '84, a daughter, Bridget, on 

March 1, 1996 
Laurie Meloni Griffiths '84, a son, Benjamin Carl, in 

March 1996 
Carol Mulligan Ambrose '84, a son, Alexander, on Aug. 8, 1996 
Lorraine Roy Wyman '84, a son, Connor, on Sept. 5, 1996 
Janet Tambascio Weaver '85, a daughter, Alessandra 

Katharine, on November 16, 1996 
Rosemary Soares Soutter '86, a daughter, Bridget 

Maureen, on June 16, 1996 
Lee Ann Mattucci-Stephens '87, a daughter, Alexis Lynn, 

on June 9, 1996 
Stephanie Cosgrove Morrissey '88, a daughter, Mary Kate, 

on December 14, 1995 

Amy Kiss Woodward '88, a son, Benjamin Michael, 
on May 7, 1996 

Susan Scichilone Presti '88/ '94, a daughter, Maria Francesca, 

on April 5, 1996 
Michelle Forget White '89/ '95, a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, 

in July 1995 
Kristen Homer Cobb '89, a daughter, Mickayla Elizabeth, on 

August 1, 1996. 
Laura Sullivan Beime '90, a son, Matthew Stephen, on May 

11, 1996 
Jennifer Brosnan Squires '91, a son, Dean, Jr., on Sept. 9, 

Beth Roach Gaudette '91, a daughter, Claire, on May 3, 1996 
Jodi Flanders Josephs '92, a daughter, Lily Kate, on 

April 3, 1996 
Karyn Amy Sands Grace, a daughter, Amanda Morgan, on 

November 19, 1995 
Sherri Scichilone Collins '92, a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, on 

June 2, 1996 
Vanessa Laffely Leavitt '93, a daughter, Kara Jolle, on 

October 25, 1996 
Susan Mainieri Cousino '94, a son, Daniel, in April, 1995 
Crystal Olson Petz '95, a son, Joshua, on August 3, 1996 


Ruth Davis Giller '14, on August 7, 1996 
Mildred Cary Hill '18, on July 20, 1996 
Florence Day Bennett '22, on October 12, 1996 
Helene Sweeney Jensen '23, on June 24, 1996 
Mary Saunders Houston '25, on July 4, 1996 
Gertrude Powdrell Games '26, on June 26, 1996 
Doris Schumaker Walthers '26, on March 18, 1996 
Lois Garrabrant Conover '27, on October 12, 1996 
Ethel Noyes Hathaway '27, on September 15, 1996 
Edith Stone Owen '27 
Evelyn Bostel Dotterer '28, on May 29, 1996 
Vera Studley Warner '28, on January 25, 1995 
Doris Fogg x'30, on September 9, 1996 
Frances Pingree Templeman '32, on July 19, 1996 
Viola Walthausen Orr '32, on February 16, 1996 
Sylvia Browning Thompson '33, on June 30, 1996 
Ruth Ann Putnam Jackson '35, on September 13, 1996 
Joan Kennedy Richter x'36, on January 3, 1997 
Arlene Kerr Sonnabend '36, on August 19, 1996 
Catherine Laffin Mahoney '37, on September 14, 1996 
Evelyn Bishop '40, on July 29, 1996 
Bette Gibson Mounce '40, on August 8, 1996 
Eldora Anthony Kempe '41, on July 6, 1996 
Yvonne Gardner Noel '42, on March 31, 1996 
Jacquelyn Hand Mattson '42, on June 29, 1996 
Sylvia Indresano Woods '44, on September 12, 1996 
Constance Hill Young x'44, on April 24, 1996 
Elizabeth Brady Hickey '47, on November 23, 1990 
Margaret Emmerling Thompson '47, on Sept 7, 1996 
Claire Wallis Harris '50, in 1995 
Nancy Smith Johnston '51, on May 10, 1996 
Bess Kutuzes Theodore '52 

Nancy Slattery Haskins '52, on September 11, 1996 
Mary Ruth Krebs '53, on September 25, 1996 
Patricia Lee Oswald '55, on November 16, 1996 
Barbara Schuster Klinefelter '55, on November 30, 1996 
Linda Collett Sutherland '60, on November 15, 1995 
Karen Fox Evans '63, on December 5, 1996 
Diana Drake Staubley, x'63, on May 30, 1996 
Helen H. Griffin, wife of former Lasell President Arthur M. 
Griffin, in August 1996 

Boston as a food and beverage administrative assistant. 

Sheri Whitney is a daycare teacher at the Children's AIDS 
Program in Mattapan, MA. 

Kathleen Yates has moved to Forestville, CT, is working as a 
receptionist for the Connecticut Surgical Group and is very 
involved with the Greater Hartford Jaycees. Kathy would like to 
hear from '94 and '95 friends. 


Mayumi Ikegami is working on her master of arts degree at 
Columbia University Teachers College in New York. 

Wakana Masumoto is a staff auditor with Arthur Andersen & 
Co. in their Los Angeles office. 

Loan Ngo is a graduate student at MIT and attended the Lasell 
Young Alumnae gathering in Cambridge in September 1996. 

Trustee Emerita and 
Former Annual Fund 
Chair Gets Her Due 


alumna with an ambassadorial flair for 
promoting and supporting her alma mater, 
was honored by the College with the 
bestowal of the Lasell Bowl, the institution's 
highest award, on October 21, 1996. 

"In 1973 the college established a special 
award — the Lasell Bowl — to be presented to an 
individual who has provided significant and 
outstanding service to Lasell over an extended 
period of years," said President Thomas E. J. de 
Witt, during the presentation before members of 
the Lasell community. 

"To give you an idea of how rarely such an 
individual has come to the fore: the award was 
last given 10 years ago, to trustees emeriti Louise 
Tardivel Higgins and Donald Winslow. Tonight it 
is my special privilege to present this award to 
Ruth Turner Crosby." President de Witt noted 
with pride that Mrs. Crosby, who graduated from 
Lasell nearly 55 years ago, "has never really left. 
She got a second degree — an honorary 
bachelor's — in 
1992." Ruth 
Crosby has 
her commitment 
to Lasell in a 
number of ways. 
She has been a 
devoted member 
of the Alumnae 
Board of 
and has served it 
in myriad 
Elected to the 
Board of Trustees in 1979, Mrs. Crosby became 
chairman of the board in 1989 and served in that 
capacity until 1992. During her tenure, Lasell 
became a four-year institution. She was recently 
elected to serve as trustee emerita. 

She has worked diligently for the last four 
years as Annual Fund Chair, overseeing a 
dramatic increase in giving that also yielded 100 
percent participation on the part of trustees, 
corporators and the alumnae board. She has also 
made a life-income gift to the endowment. 

A champion of commuting students (known 
as "day hops" in her college days), Ruth Crosby 
was recognized for her ongoing institutional 
activism and support with the naming of the 
commuter lounge as "Crosby's." The sterling 
silver Revere Bowl which she was awarded is not 
the first Lasell award Mrs. Crosby has earned 
from her beloved institution. In 1976, she was the 
recipient of a Lasell Medallion for her 
distinguished service to the college. **• 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 accepts 
Lasell's highest honor, the Lasell 
Bowl, from President de Witt. 


Nota Bene 

"Not Your Ordinary Raffle" to 
Benefit Alumnae Scholarship Fund 

Alumnae Inc. will conduct the drawing for its fifth annual "Not 
Your Ordinary Raffle" to raise money for scholarships. Last year, 
more than $6,000 was raised from the sale of tickets for 39 prizes 
worth in excess of $5,000. Prizes received to date are: 


We are now accessible via the 
Internet. Our e-mail address 



Week stay at Chatham, MA 

Waterview home ($1,500) Anonymous 

2 $100 savings bonds 


Framed painting ($250) 

Aragon Art, Sudbury, MA 

$100 savings account 

Auburndale Co-operative Bank 

$150 gift certificate 

Auburndale Mobil, Inc. 

Gift certificate 

' Auburndale Wallpaper Studio, Inc. 

$120 case of wine 

Auburndale Wine & Spirits 

$100 of Avon products 

Kathryn Morgan Lucey '67 

$100 gift certificate 

Susan Young Charton '69 
The Baby Place, Natick, MA 

One hour financial planning ($100) 

Constance Barber '65, C.F.P. 
Barber Financial Services 

Droll Yankee bird feeder 

Marjorie Wing Berry '44 

Celtics poster and autographed photo 

Boston Celtics 

Autographed photos of players 

Boston Red Sox 

Gift certificate, shirt, bag 

Breadsong Bakery, Auburndale 

Gift certificate 

Bullfinch's Restaurant, Sudbury, MA 

Tour of WCVB-TV Channel 5 

Mary Richardson, Chronicle host 

$200 Danskin activewear 

Danskin Corporation 

Two 1/2 gallons of maple syrup 

Martha Hurd Davenport '49 

4 season tkts./$400 -Merrimack Theater 

Nancy Lawson Donahue '49 

Gift certificate 

Dunkin' Donuts, Auburndale 

$100 Gift certificate 

Robert Huntington, Dunkin' Donuts/ 

Fragrance gift set 

Estee Lauder 

Norwegian sweater 

Euro Ship Store, Inc., Fairhaven, MA 

Two 6 month memberships ($250 each) 

European Health Spa, W. Newton, MA 

$300 Hartman garment bag 

Patricia Zinkowski 

Flight Time International, Brookline, MA 

Hand-colored Williamsburg 

The Frameloft, Sudbury, MA 

print/frame ($100) 

2 - $100 cash donations 

Arthur T. Gregorian 

One-year subscription to Want ADvertiser 

Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 

Portable telephone 

Harvard Cellular, Needham, MA 

14K gold owl pendant/pin ($290) 

Hill's Jewelers, Sudbury, MA 

Gift certificate 

Just Next Door Gift Shop, Auburndale 

Wash /cut and hairstyle 

Kevin Max Hair Design, Auburndale 

Weekend stay 

Lasell Inn Bed & Breakfast 

4 tkts.-North Shore Music Theater ($120) 

Jean Sargent Lee '49 

$100 General Cinema passes 

Jack Leonard, General Cinema Theaters 

One-month membership 

Longfellow Tennis and Fitness Club 
Wayland, MA 

Dinner for two 

Longfellow's Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA 

$100 cash donation 

Jo- Ann Vojir Massey '51 

$100 silk flower arrangement 

The Memory Garden, Sudbury, MA 

Four admission passes 

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 

$200 original Birdsey watercolor 

Barbara Stickle Mode '47, Barbara Mode 

Interiors, Sudbury, MA 

$200 Waterford mantel clock 

William Roddy 

Neiman Marcus, Boston, MA 

Nantucket wildflower print/ frame ($500) 

Dorothy Papani Palmer '47 


$100 gift certificate 

Pillar House Restaurant, 

Newton Lower Falls, MA 

$100 gift certificate 

Star Market Company, Auburndale, MA 

Mass. State Lottery season ticket 

Eric Turner 

$100 gift certificate 

Weston Nurseries 

Luncheon for four 

Lynn Blodgett Williamson '46 

Two tickets 

Worcester Foothills Theatre Company 

We are very grateful to our donors! 



To participate, cut out coupon (photocopy if more raffle tickets are 
needed) and mail with a check ($5 per entry or $20 for five entries) made 
payable to: Lasell Alumnae Inc., 1844 Commonwealth Ave., Newton, MA 
02166-2716. Winner need not be present. 



(include maiden) 












JL roceeds 

benefit the 

restoration and 

preservation of 

college archive 

materials. The size 

is 90 L x 64 W. 

Lasell Associate 
Professor Barbara 
completed the quilt, 
April 1996. Alumnae 
who have contributed 
squares to the quilt are: 

Jean Campbell '44 
Sandra Cotton Coburn '81 
Nancye Van Deusen Connor '57 
Ruth Turner Crosby ' 42 
Sharon Carley Fitts '62 

Barbara Jarvis Franzen '84 
Barbara Cole French '61 
Karen Budd Gill 
Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 
Jacqueline Paulding Hauser '50 
Kathryn Morgan Lucey '67 

Barbara Stickle Mode '47 
Susan Scichilone Presti '88/'94 
Joy Stewart Rice '55 
Jan Slocum Shipe '64 
Ilene Derick Whelpley '41 


May Fete 



'62 Beanie, Memories, 

Haskell House 


War Canoe 


'49 Beanie 

B & W Women, Black lamp 

Athletic Assoc, Crew 100, 

The Barn, Rockwell 

Theatre Arts 

The Lamp (words), Day Hop 



Felt pennant 

Lasell College, 1844 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02166-2716 



(include maiden) 






Drawing May 31, 1997. $5 per entry. Check made payable to Lasell 
Alumnae, Inc. Winner need not be present. 

Alumnae Association Raffles 


•v ; ",-.. -' 


A Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 
Launches an Activist 

This vivacious, 13-year breast cancer survivor, research fundraiser, and women's health 
advocate would like nothing better than to see her mission and that of the Susan G. Komen 
Breast Cancer Foundation end. 

But that is now. Before, in the aftershock of 
her own breast cancer diagnosis, Peterson's 
typical energy and optimism completely 
dissipated. "I was deeply depressed," the Akron, 
Ohio resident admitted during a phone interview 
recently. "I thought my world had ended." While 
husband Gary and their two children watched 
helplessly, Peterson succumbed to self-pity and 

Then, a few years later, on a solo trip to her 
vacation home in Aspen, Colorado, Nancy 
Peterson met philanthropist Nancy Brinker, who 
had founded the Komen Foundation in memory 
of her sister, a breast cancer victim. Peterson 
immediately became a volunteer for the 
organization, raising money for the Foundation's 
annual "Race for the Cure," a run for dollars. The 
process was so successful and personally fulfilling 
that she returned to Colorado the following year 
to work again on the race. 

Within a short time, Nancy Peterson found 
herself not only coordinating the race but helping 
other Foundation chapters. Seventy-eight 
American cities, including Boston, currently 

sponsor similarly successful races. "The money 
we raise from these races is already changing the 
face of breast cancer research," says Peterson 
excitedly. "The Komen Foundation provides 
national funding for blood tests to screen women 
who are genetically at-risk. We also guarantee free 
mammograms for any woman, regardless of her 
ability to pay." 

Peterson's fundraising acumen soon became 
legendary, with a 95% success rate in her personal 
solicitations. "Our business sponsors are 
incredible," states this resolute volunteer, who 
now serves as a Komen Foundation trustee and 
the organization's vice president for development. 
"The generosity of companies like J.C. Penney, 
Ford, American Airlines, Pier 1, Boston's New 
Balance, Lifetime Television, Quaker Rice Cakes, 
and many others gives corporate America a 
compassionate, human face." 

The capstone of her fundraising efforts came 
last June, when Peterson was invited to Vice 
President Al Gore's home, following her 
testimony at Senate committee hearings and a 
celebration of a commemorative breast cancer 

Nancy Reeves Peterson '66: 13-year breast cancer survivor, 
research fundraiser, and women's health advocate. 

stamp, issued by the U.S. Postal Service. "I 
certainly didn't think I'd be doing anything like 
this," Peterson reflects. "But Lasell gave me a 
feeling of purpose and self-esteem. Those 
professors were always there for me, at night and 
even on week-ends. I guess I just translated that 
sense of commitment to my own life." 

And until Nancy Peterson finds herself 
jobless, her mission remains the same: raising 
dollars and awareness for a breast cancer cure. 
"This isn't just a woman's disease," she explains. 
"It's a family disease — we are mothers, daughters, 
sisters, wives and, this year alone, 46,000 of us 
will die of breast cancer. We don't have any time 
to waste." For more information on the "Race for 
the Cure" nearest you, please call Nancy Peterson 
in Akron, Ohio, at (330) 864-7313. **■ 



from Lasell in 1996, at the same time that Mrs. 
Van Winkle was awarded an honorary bachelor 
of science in business. 

Melissa Kovack '98, who spoke on behalf of 
the 70 students who live in Van Winkle Hall, 
declared Mrs. Van Winkle an honorary life 

at New Jersey's Centenary College named for 
him; my husband has a dorm at Babson named 
for him; and now I can say that I have a Van 
Winkle Hall too." 

She added, "It has been a privilege to work 
with President de Witt, who, along with the 
dedicated faculty and board members, keeps the 
College current and competitive." 

At the close of the ceremony, she was 
serenaded by the Four MUSEketeers, a 
barbershop quartet, who offered an updated 
version of "Sweet Adeline" with the name, 
appropriately, changed to Adelaide. Then 
everyone recessed to take part in a Lasell 
tradition that dates back to the days when 
Adelaide Shaffer was a student, River Day — a 
canoe race and luncheon on the banks of the 
Charles. This time, for the first time in the history 
of Lasell, a canoe filled with a team from Van 
Winkle Hall was among the enthusiastic lineup 
of competitors. **- 

resident and expressed their 
appreciation of the transformation of 
the building — with its new name, 
welcoming entryway, beautiful patio, 
planters, and cafe tables with 

As her husband, Arthur, watched 
from the sidelines, beaming with pride, 
Adelaide Van Winkle spoke from the 
podium. "I'm happy to have this 
residence hall named after me. After 
all, my husband's father has a building 



the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Small 
Business Administration, she has become the 
epitome of the personally and professionally 
competent woman Lasell strives to create 
through its connected learning curriculum. 

Zinkowski feels that what she has learned by 
example at Lasell has influenced her business 
style. "I incorporated Lasell's commitment to 
volunteerism — something you see across the 
College's entire curriculum — into my own 
business," she says. "The concept of giving back 
should be the mainstay of our society, especially 
in the corporate world. I thoroughly believe this 
philosophically and I want my employees to do 
so as well." 

Patty Zinkowski is eager to tackle her new 
responsibilities and challenges. What is her 
management philosophy? "I don't 
micromanage," she maintains. "I try not to lose 
sight of the big picture." Zinkowski praises her 
fellow board members, their dedication to Lasell, 
and their proven ability to work together. "We 
respect each other and care very much for the 
welfare of the institution," she concludes. 

She is particularly energized by Lasell's 
investment in its own future. "The pace of 
change is impressive," she says, "and the school 
has adapted well with a solid infrastructure, 
state-of-the-art technology, and a brand new 
athletic center. At the same time, the tradition of 
women helping women is at the very core of 
Lasell's identity and, indeed, its heritage." **• 

(ABOVE LEFT) Adelaide Shaffer Van Winkle '36 with her husband, 
Arthur, at the dedication. 

(ABOVE RIGHT) Formerly known as New Dorm, Van Winkle Hall is 
now graced by a trellised entry, a patio, and new landscaping. 






Message from the 
Annual Fund Chair 

By Elisse Allinson Share '65 


primed to demonstrate yet again the 

pride and support of its alumnae for the 

College's many exciting programs, 

resources, and activities. 

As you know, money raised by the Annual 
Fund directly benefits students by supporting 

academics, library 
resources, student 
financial aid, 
athletics, student 
services, and 
building and 
grounds mainten- 
ance. Alumnae 
and parent 
participation levels 
also influence the 
support an institution like Lasell can obtain 
from corporations and foundations, since 
grants are frequently contingent upon the 
levels of giving from institutional 

As we begin Lasell's first comprehensive, 
university-style, multimillion-dollar campaign 
to undergird the new strategic plan and 
celebrate the upcoming sesquicentennial in 
2001, the need to generate Annual Fund 
dollars has never been greater. This year's 

goal is $440,000. 

Currently, we are 
slightly over the 
halfway mark. But 
we have the 
opportunity to meet 
and even surpass our 
goal and make 1997 
the fifth consecutive 
record-breaking year! 

If you have not 
already done so, 
please consider 
supporting Lasell 
this year. Your gift 
has an enormous 
impact on so many 
essential aspects of 
the College. 
Remember that 
participation is 
important, regardless 
of the size of the gift. 
With women's 
education at the core 
of Lasell's mission for 
the past 146 years, 
you will be 
participating in the 
greatest gift of all — 
an education that will 
last a lifetime! 
In the next few weeks, you may be hearing 
from one of our students asking for your 
commitment. We hope you will respond 
generously. Thank you. **- 

Alumnae and 



levels also 

influence the 

support an 

institution like 

Lasell can obtain 

from corporations 

and foundations, 

since grants are 


contingent upon 

the levels of giving 

from institutional 




approach, Dr. Panchuck maintains. "Through MI, 
we look at the many different ways that children 
demonstrate intelligence, beyond the traditional 
showcase skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. 
There are a number of ways of being capable. A 
mechanic or plumber can be as skillful in his or her 
way as a doctor, despite the fact that one may not 
learn in the same way." It is likely that special 
needs education will emerge as its own field of 
study at Lasell. "We are actively exploring the 
addition of a special needs certification," Dr. 
Panchuck says. 

"We have exciting opportunities at Lasell to 
seriously involve our students in special needs 
environments. We are encouraged by the fact that 
we have added a third laboratory site on campus, 
Clarke East (see story on page 5). Interaction with 
Clarke — where one of our students, Jennifer 
Sweeney '98, is already installed as a student- 
teacher intern — and Camp Colors, the summer 


Interested in being a host family for an 
international student? If you can 
provide lodging during any of the 
school breaks, please contact Assistant 
Dean of Students, Michelle Lepore at 
(617) 243-2122. 



electronically stimulate remaining auditory inner 
ear nerve fibers, and support to mainstream 
placements for young children. 

One Elementary Education major, Jennifer 
Sweeney '98, is fulfilling an internship 

Clarke East is now installed at Fickard House on the 
campus of Lasell College. 

requirement at Clarke East, which currently 
enrolls three students who are profoundly deaf. 

"This is an inspiring place to be," says 
Sweeney, who has worked in a day care setting 
for two years and is certified to work with 
preschoolers, infants, and toddlers. "I asked for a 
special needs setting and was fortunate to fill this 
slot at Clarke East, where children 
learn to communicate orally despite 
their handicap." Sweeney says it is 
challenging and rewarding to look 
at a child through his or her 
abilities, not liabilities. 

"This exciting new alliance for 
Lasell offers significant benefits for 
the faculty and staff of the Clarke 
School and Lasell. But even more 
important, the affiliation will enrich 
learning for our undergraduates at 
the same time that it provides 
whole new dimensions of learning 
possibilities for youngsters who are 
deaf or hearing impaired," says 
President de Witt. 

Clarke's mission is to instill 
hearing-impaired children with a 
belief in their own capabilities and 

day camp for children with HTV/AIDS, allows us 
to take the next logical step, since special needs 
training is a thread that has woven itself through 
all the curriculum here. The new concept might be 
the theme for a new elementary school at Lasell," 
Dr. Panchuck reports. *+ 

to provide them with the 
skills they need to 
participate freely, fully, and 
independently in the 
hearing and speaking 

Clarke East at Lasell 
College has taken up 
residence in Pickard House, 
on the campus. The school 
already has 10 students 
enrolled in its preschool 
and parent/infant 
programs and welcomes 
inquiries. All services are 
modeled after the school's 
successful early 
intervention, mainstream, 
and preschool programs. 

"We were seeking a 
college program with a 
strong reputation for 
training professionals in 
early childhood education 
with which to affiliate, and 
Lasell offers just that," said 
Clarke President Dennis 
Gjerdingen. "It is a 
good match for both 
institutions." **• 

Clarke provides 
preschool and 




services for 

children with 


implants, and 

support to 


placements for 

young children. 

Jennifer Sweeney '98 (right) enjoys the challenge and reward of looking at 
special needs children through his or her abilities, not liabilities. 



Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center 


It has been three years since laselus elegantly refurbished 

Carter Hall was dedicated as the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center. Today, with a 
full schedule of art exhibitions, lectures, and performing arts (see 
calendar, page 12) — all of which are open to the public — the 
medeay Center is living up to its mandate to attract and display a diversity of 
art and cultural offerings to benefit Lasell and its surrounding 

"Yamawaki serves as a platform for 
mutlicultural art, music, theater, and education, 
not only for Lasell students, faculty, and staff, but 
also for the community around us," affirms 
Gallery director, Andre van de Putte. "The Center 
opens its doors to talent, regardless of age, ethnic 
background, or gender." Art exhibits have 
featured the works of students, alumnae, and the 
urban expressions of children from the Mother 
Caroline Academy in Dorchester, as well as 
offerings from community artists. 

Educational lectures by visiting artists run 
from February to May. Authorities on issues 
ranging from paper sculpture to aging have also 

The Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center. 

been part of the Center's programming. 

And regular classical music concerts by 

the All-Newton Music School are now a welcome 

staple, shining a light on some of the region's 

most talented musicians, who perform free for the 


Recently, a seven-year-old Korean violin 
prodigy held a formal recital at Yamawaki, 
leaving her audience in awe of her talent. "We 
invited students from the nearby Williams School 
to attend the dress rehearsal," van de Putte 
recalled. "The auditorium was filled with children 
four- to eight-years-old, and they were 

Additionally, in the spirit of connected 
learning, the Center provides students with 
powerful learning experiences that transcend 
the classroom. "Students have the 
opportunity to meet with and ask questions 
of artists at every juncture of their 
involvement here, whether it be pre- or post- 
performance or exhibit," says van de Putte, 
who also directs the Art and Interior Design 
programs at Lasell. "I see the Center as an 
extraordinary teaching tool. Students become 
involved in the day-to-day running of the 
gallery; they get hands-on experience in all 
aspects, from generating publicity to 
planning openings and overseeing artist 
receptions. It also includes the basics of 

"Yamawaki serves as a platform for mutlicultural art, music, theater, and 
education, not only for Lasell students, faculty, and staff, but also for the 
community around us," affirms Gallery director, Andre van de Putte. 

curatorial practice, determining how best to use 
gallery space to give the work its optimum 
platform. We try to bring students in as much as 

Exhibits change monthly, with seven or eight 
artists featured in the light-filled gallery space 
each calendar year. "When we first opened the 
Center to artists, scheduling was a little hit-or- 
miss. But this year, with the establishment of a 
juried selection process — along with a carefully 
fixed show schedule — we have been able to use 
the Center as a serious showcase for a wide range 
of work from talented, emerging artists. Clearly, 
there is an Asian influence here. But we aim for 
total domestic and international diversity." 

The Yamawaki art jury is composed of 
faculty, staff, students, alumnae, and community 
members who come together to review 
applications that include a statement of purpose, a 
resume, and slides of the work submitted by 
artists interested in exhibiting at Yamawaki. 

"Criteria include quality of work, the message 
within the work, and an appropriateness to 
education that serves students and the 
community," van de Putte explains. "This year we 
received 20 applications and we filled seven slots, 
with two or three alternate selections to fill in if a 
time conflict occurred." **- 


present creative works by artists from a wide range of 
cultural backgrounds. Where possible, new emerging artists 
are given an opportunity to exhibit. A jury of faculty, staff, 
students, alumnae, and community members come together 
to review artists' applications and measure submissions 
according to specific guidelines. 

All complete applications must include no more than 20 slides of 
original work, a current resume, and an artist/ s statement. The artist's 
cultural background, diversity, and the artisf s ability to offer an educational 
experience for Lasell students (lecture/workshop, etc.) are also considered. 

Quality of the work, originality, content or message of the work, 
the ability to support the Gallery's goals and mission, and consistency 
of the artist's statement to the work are also taken into account. 

In some cases, applications are submitted for two or more artists. 
In these cases, the merits of each artist are considered separately using 
the above criteria as well as the following: Is there a recognizable and 
defined theme? Is all of the work compatible from an aesthetic 
standpoint (quality, content, etc.)? Is there an appropriateness of the 
group's affiliation, and is there a demonstrated interest in working 
on a collaborative project? 

For more information, please call Andre van de Putte at 
(617) 243-2295. 

A Gift of Art Donated to Lasell 

artist and associate 
professor at Shinonome 
Junior College, one of 
Lasell's sister colleges in 
Japan, stands beside a 
work painted on paper 
that he donated to Lasell 
following an exhibition of 
block prints, ink 
drawings, and 
watercolors at Yamawaki 
Art and Cultural Center. 
The watercolor, 
"Matsuyama Castle," is 
the work of Ishii's late 
father, Nampo Ishii, a 

renowned artist whose works are in the permanent collections of a 

number of museums in Japan. **■ 





Call for Medallion Nominations 

Association's Board of Management selects individuals to receive the 
Lasell Medallion. This year's chairperson is Sandra Cotton Coburn 
'81. The bronze award may be presented to "any member of the 
Lasell family who, by virtue of distinguished service to the College 
or society at large, has brought added honor to the name Lasell." 
Nominations for the 1997 award, which will be presented at Reunion 
(May 31, 1997), should be received in the Alumnae Affairs Office by 
April 21, 1997. * 


James Boudreau, the Lasell archivist, is currently conducting a campaign to 
complete collections of the Lasell News, from vol. 1, 1932-33, through vol. 41, 
1972-1973. The Archives would be most grateful to receive any copies that 
might be stored in attics, basements, or garages, etc. The years especially 
needed are: vol. 1, 1932-33; vol. 9, 1940-41; vol.10, 1941-42; vol. 40, 1971-72; 
and vol. 41, 1972-3. 

However, copies of any issues will be gratefully accepted. 

Please call Jim Boudreau at (617) 243-2200 with any 
questions. Send your "attic gold" to him at Brennan 
Library, Lasell College, 1844 Commonwealth Avenue, 
Newton, MA 02166. 

Thank you. **< 


The Alumnae Association Board of Management was created to serve the 
interests of Lasell College, to aid deserving students, to promote a spirit of 
fellowship among its graduates, past students, faculty, and the 
administration, and to bind the alumnae to the College more closely for 
their mutual benefit. **- 

Members of the 1996-1997 Board of Management, in alphabetical order are: Kristine Bell 
'94, Barbara Ordway Brewer '35, Sue Allen Busa '58, Jean Campbell '44, Sandra Cotton 
Cobum '81, Nancye Van Deusen Connor '57 Treasurer, Ruth Turner Crosby '42, Sandra 
Davidow '82, Nancy Cincotti Emmons '58, Sharon Carley Fitts '62 President, Barbara 
Jarvis Franzen '84, Barbara Cole French '61, Shirley Vara Gallerani '53, Nancy Goodale '66 
Secretary, Nancy Curtis Grellier '49, Jacqueline Paulding Hauser '50, Kathryn Morgan 
Lucey '67, Pamela Martin '95, Bunny Quinn McKenna '46, Ann Mignosa '87, Barbara 
Stickle Mode '47 Vice-President, Susan Scichilone Presti '88/ '94, Joy Stewart Rice '55, 
Anne Sutherland Rollins '60, Jan Slocum Shipe '64, Arlene Wishart Sylvester '38, Robin 
Tavekelian '82, Linda Telfer '60, Marsha Keyes Tucker '64, llene Derick Whelpley '41, 
Marilyn Blodgett Williamson '46. Not all members are pictured. 

New Canaan Reception - November 1996 (1 to r) Ann Preuss Gillerlain '43, President de 
Witt, and Gloria Major-Brown '44, who hosted the event. 

Class of 






(ABOVE LEFT) Connecticut Valley Luncheon-November 
1996 (1 to r) Susan Senofonte Preis '83, Treasurer; Caroline 
Knoener-Skowronek '83, President;, and Nancy Kuehl 
Mayo '71, Secretary. 

(CENTER) Convent Station, NJ-November 1996 (1 to r) 
Calvin Carver, Sr., Anne DeLaney, Marjorie Gilbert '50, 
Calvin "Chip" Carver, Jr. and President de Witt. The Carver 
Family has established an endowed scholarship at Lasell in 
memory of Emma Gilbert Carver '45. 

(RIGHT) Cape Cod Lasell Brunch-October 1996 (1 to r) 
Barbara McAlary Kashar '60, President, and Michelle 
Strathie '92, Treasurer. 

REUNION '97 MAY 30-JUNE 1, 1997 

it mm Be the same without It ! 

Does Your 

Class Year End in a 

"2" or "7"? 

you unless you plan to return to Lasell 
for Reunion Weekend, May 30 -June 1, 
1997. Chairperson Sandra Davidow '82 
invites all alumnae to return to campus 
to participate in Reunion and remember 
when Lasell was the center of your 
universe. Among the activities are: 

Lasell Night at the Pops 
Blue Man Group 

(a popular play at the theater) 
Tours of campus 
Class Parade and pictures 
Reunion luncheon 

Alumnae College Internet Workshop 
President's Reception 
President's Dinner 
Karaoke/Nostalgia Night at the Pub 

It you are in a reunion year and have not 
yet received an invitation, please call the 
Alumnae Office, (617) 243-2141. «* 


Throughout the year, President Thomas E. J. de Witt and members of the Alumnae Affairs staff 
travel around the country for Lasell gatherings to meet with alumnae of all ages. These Alumnae Club 
gatherings provide an opportunity to meet and network with the other alums in your areas while also 
hearing the latest information about Lasell. Recently, many spouses/guests have attended these 
events and have enjoyed hearing about their partner's college life. Friendships are renewed and also 
begun. Please contact the Alumnae Office at (617) 243-2141 if you can help to provide ideas, organize 
an event, etc. The office creates and mails all invitations, so the hostess needs only to receive the 
RSVPs and make some follow-up phone calls. We are anticipating events in the following areas: 


San Francisco area (Sonoma) 

Saturday, April 19, 1997 
The General's Daughter Restaurant 
Contact: Janice McGoughran '50 
(707) 938-5339 


Hartford Young Alumnae 
Thursday, June 19, 1997 
Location: TBA 


Chicago Area (Naperville) 

Saturday, April 1.9, 1997 

Home of Carol Rofer Hofmann '54 

(630) 420-1145 


Saturday, October 4, 1997 
River Day /Homecoming 


Friday, June 27, 1997 

Young Alumnae Cocktail Cruise 

(Spirit of Boston) 

Museum of Fine Arts 

Wednesday, October 22, 1997 

Dinner and Picasso Exhibit 

Cape Cod Area 

Sunday, April 27, 1997 
Jake Rooney's Harwichport 
Contact: Michelle Strathie '92 
(508) 240-5766 

North Shore Area (Pride's Crossing) 

Sunday, May 4, 1997, Tea 

Hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo R. Garcia 

(Elizabeth Ensor '68) in their home. 

Contact: Jean Sargent Lee '49, 

(508) 922-6702 


Detroit Area 

Sunday, September 14, 1997 
Bloomfield Hills Country Club 
Sheryl Chapman Kammer '65 
(810) 647-7241 


November 1997 
Leica Gallery, NoHo 
Stormy Horton Bell '92 
(201) 501-8117 


Falls Church, Virginia 

September 27, 1997, Cocktails 

Hosted by Peter and Jackie Petrine Brett '47 

(703) 241-1128 **- 









April 1 - April 20 

Student Exhibition. Artists /Designers: Weena 
Arunwayapan '97 (I.D.), Maria Lillienskiold '97 
(I.D.), Trish Lyman '97 (I.D.), Carmen Pulgar 
DeLauria '97 (I.D.), Vickie Saris '97 (Art), Hiroko 
Watanabe '97 (Art) 

April 24 - May 18 

"Flora," an exhibit of silk works by Akemi 
Nakano Cohn (visiting artist from Chicago), 
Reception: Apr. 25 4:30 - 7:00 

May 26 - June 22 * 
Exhibit by Michael Lenn (Misha) 
(Faculty - Lasell Fashion Program) 
Reception: May 31, 1997 (Reunion Weekend) 

Viewing times for all exhibits from April through 
May: Tues: & Thur. 3:00 - 7:00 p.m., Sat. 
& Sun. 12:00 - 5:00 p.m. 

*Vieiving by appointment, call (617) 243-2141 


12:30-1:30 p.m. 
Wed. April 2 

Wed. May 7 

All Newton Music School 


Visiting Artist Lecture: 

Susan Alport 


April 29 Newton Highland Jazz Concert 

Contact: Nancy Alamanski, 349-8345 (w) 244- 
2570 (h) for more information. 


(Unless otherwise noted, listings that appear in all 
caps denote home games. Occasionally, due to 
weather, etc., dates and times may change. For 
confirmation, please check with the Athletics 
Department at 617-243-2147.) 



4 Lasell @ Wheelock 4:00 p.m. 

8 LASELL VS BAY PATH 4:30 p.m. 

10 Lasell @ Emerson 4:30 p.m. 

11 LASELL VS LESLEY 4:30 p.m. 

13 Lasell® Johnson & Wales (2) 12:00p.m. 

14 LASELL VS SUFFOLK 4:30 p.m. 

17 LASELL VS DANIEL WEBSTER (2) 4:30 p.m. 

18 Lasell @ Pine Manor 4:30 p.m. 
23 LASELL VS PJVIER 4:30 p.m. 
28 LASELL VS WHEELOCK 4:30 p.m. 
30 Lasell @ Lesley (played here) 4:30 p.m. 


4 Lasell @ Albertus Magnus 2:00 p.m. 




Lasell College 

NEWTON, MA 02166-2716 

V J 




PERMIT NO. 51347 

(all are free and open to the public) 

■ ■ .-.. ... . . 



Lasell will be selling books donated by alumnae and friends as well as some that are no longer 
appropriate for the library's collection, to help Brennan Library raise money. 
Many libraries make thousands of dollars through periodic book sales. Your 
participation can make a difference. For more information or to volunteer to help 
with the sale, please call Allyson Gray, director of Brennan Library, at 243-2243. 

FRIDAY APRIL 25 1997 7 PM 


Lasell Institute of Fashion Technology and Filene's Basement present 
"Reflections," a fashion show featuring innovative designs of Lasell students. 
At Winslow Auditorium. Tickets $25/person in advance, $30/person at the 
door. Includes dinner, fashion show, and dancing. For more information, call 
(617) 243-2365. 


"What Is, What Should Be, and How Do We Get There?" — A lively debate for consumers and 
professionals at the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center, 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., fee: $7.00. Speakers 
will include: Jim Stockard, expert on affordable housing; Len Raymond, Homeowners Options for 
Mass. Elders; Thomas Hooker, Regional Administrator, Administration on Aging, Health and 
Human Services; Chris Mitchell, expert on the current state of housing affairs in Massachusetts. 




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All rights reserved. 

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year, free of charge to alumnae, 
students, and friends of Lasell. 

The publication is produced by 
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